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Tommy Tinker And The Sacred Trees of Ireland
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Read About The Adventures of Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory
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Tommy Tinker was staring blankly at his workspace. His “for repair” pile somehow managed to double in number again, overnight. 

It’s not easy being one of the last few tinker fairies around, especially when you’re in Fairy Land. He has politely declined repair orders since last week but broken gadgets and other things that need fixing pop up in his house almost every day. 

“Must be the work of fairies in desperate need,” he muttered to himself. “Or the elves,” he continued. He wasn’t sure if he should feel cheated or grateful. Although other folks used fairy dust to get their “for repair” in, most still respect him and the trade he’s in.

His father and grandfather have always prided themselves on their skill. It’s been that way ever since, hence the Tinker family name. Tommy has always wondered if he can live up to being a Tinker. 

Busy times like this give him comfort. At least the fairies and other magical creatures come to him for fixing, that’s a good enough assurance. But in his heart, Tommy knows he can do so much more and not just in Fairy Land – but beyond.

Find out more in Tommy Tinker And The Lost Candy Factory

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Tommy Tinker And The Snowed In Castle

What happens in the Magical Kingdom when Tommy Tinker and several other fairies are snowed in at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle? There has been a huge storm caused by an overzealous weather fairy and some snow crystals. The storm was so big that it couldn’t be fixed rapidly even with lots of fairy magic. Can Tommy Tinker and his friends help King Henry and Queen Olivia so that everyone has a good time while they’re snowed in?

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Tommy Tinker Chooses Plants for his Garden

The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, birds of all shapes and sizes are singing a cheery tune, and lush green grass guards the entrance to Fairy Land – it’s springtime! With warmer days, comes the perfect opportunity for Tommy Tinker to begin sprucing up his garden. But he needs your help! In Tommy Tinker Chooses Plants for his Garden, you can join him in planning out this year’s must-have flowerbed.

What better way to celebrate spring than helping an old friend like Tommy? Put your green thumb to work and explore the colorful world of botany with Tommy Tinker as your guide!

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Tommy Tinker And The Sacred Trees of ireland

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure

Magical Fairy Farm Life With Jonathan The Fairy Farmer

How Gigi Becomes A Chic Magical Fairy

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Tommy Tinker Village

Hi, Tommy Tinker here, and I am so happy to show you my magical fairy village! It’s not every day that humans get a glimpse into the fairy world, so you are very lucky. My village is the happiest village in the fairy kingdom, as everyone is full of fun and fairy tricks! You will see the magical gardens of King Henry and Queen Olivia, Bubba the Head Candy Taster, Ruby the Ribbon Fairy, and of course, yours truly, my fairy garden. Send me a message and let me know if you have anything that you need to be repaired or invented as I am a tinker fairy and I would be glad to help! See you later, off to tinkering!

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What's Happening in the Fairy Kingdom

Follow along in the adventures of Tommy Tinker in the Fairy Kingdom, where each day is one to explore and discover new things. Together with his friends, Ruby and Bubba, in service of their King Henry and Queen Olivia, this band of magical fairies are determined to keep the peace and prosperity of their kingdom, with the help of their magical powers.

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New Book Coming Soon

Tommy Tinker And The Rescue Of Skye The Baby Owl

Tommy Tinker And The Sacred Fairy Trees Of Ireland

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About Teelie Turner

Meet Teelie Turner: a dynamic, ambitious, and award-winning multi-hyphenate with an impressive set of accomplishments. As a talented entrepreneur and bestselling author, Teelie has made her mark in the toy industry, earning Independent Retailer of the Year for her creative designs and displays at the New York Toy Fair. Not to mention she is highly sought after as an expert in miniature design! With a keen eye for detail, plenty of experience under her belt, and a contagious energy to match, it’s easy to see why this powerhouse is one of the most sought-after professionals in her field.

Tommy Tinker

A charming young fairy lad, Tommy Tinker is the official Tinker Fairy of the Fairy Kingdom. He comes from a long line of magical Tinker Fairies who are blessed with the magical talents of tinkering, fixing, and building anything from scratch! His magical powers prove to be very useful in the Fairy Kingdom, where progress is abundant. He's always busy lending people a hand building and repairing their homes, shops, and spaces.


Ruby the Ribbon Fairy was born from the pink clouds surrounding the magical rainbows in the Fairy Kingdom. Her love for colors and creativity is the key ingredient in her creations. As the Ribbon Fairy of the Fairy Kingdom, she is tasked to create boxes upon boxes of charming little containers for presents and food. She often collaborates with Bubba to package his sweets and pastries. Ruby is also very fashionable and is often seen wearing a party dress at the ball or any royal celebrations.

King & Queen

As the noble leaders of the Fairy Kingdom, King Henry and Queen Olivia are a pair of fairies descended from a long, royal line. Their destiny was written in the stars when one day, when Henry was a young prince, he met little Olivia, who was a champion for little furry animals. He witnessed her defend a harmless bunny from a pack of wolves. Her bravery made Henry admire her. Growing up together, it was no surprise to the Fairy Kingdom that they fell in love and married, eventually inheriting the throne and leading the Fairy Kingdom to prosperity with love and zeal.


Best friend to Tommy Tinker, Bubba is the Head Candy Taster of the Fairy Kingdom. Born with a natural (and magical!) sweet tooth, Bubba has very discerning taste when it comes to food! He is a talented cook and baker who writes recipes inspired by his life in the Fairy Kingdom. Among all his recipes, he has a soft spot for candy, as he truly loves sweets and the sugar rush he gets from them!

Long live the Queen!

Inspired by the glowing appearance of Queen Olivia, our cosplayer has put on some sparkle and shine on today’s Face of the Day with some sparkling eyeshadow and a warm, glowing highlighter. Every girl wants to feel like a princess, or a queen!


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