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Meet Teelie Turner.

She is pleased to welcome you and thank you for being part of her life. Teelie is an author, artist, business mentor/coach, and designer. She divides her time between living in the human world and Fairy Land where so much magic in her world happens. Surrounded by a team who helps her to accomplish her professional dreams, Teelie was able to found several amazing brands which include Teelie Turner, The Teelie Blog, Teelie Turner Author, Teelie’s Fairy Garden, Gigi the Chic Magical Fairy, Tommy Tinker, and Gentleman Pirate Club. It is safe to say that she has had numerous business ventures—primarily in the realms of publishing, merchandising, electronic commerce, and the fairy garden industry.

Teelie decided that it was time for an updated look. She wanted to show you whom she sees herself as someone who is both goal-oriented and focused on the magic and fantasy of life. That is why she asked one of the graphic designers about her dream to create this new author image for her.

When she’s not career-focused, Teelie absolutely loves gardening in both miniature and real sizes, interior decorating, playing tennis, boating, discovering new places, cooking, and involving herself in the community via philanthropy. She’s also an animal lover and this detail is prevalent in her adventures in Fairy Land. Teelie and her husband are building their dream home in Tennessee on a beautiful lake where there will be lazy days on the water. Teelie will continue to write and paint in her new studio filled with all her magical fairies and flowers. She will be sharing photos of the new Magical Fairy Land that she is creating!

Fairy hugs and blessings,

Meet the Illustrator

My name is Aisha Bilal and I am a freelance illustrator! I graduated in 2014 with bachelor’s in computer arts from Fatima Jinnah University, Pakistan with majors in 3D modeling. After my degree I diversified my experience in game art, 2D illustrations and painting. During the past 4 years I have worked on projects varying from character designing, story books art, logo designing and 3D modeling for games.

Since my early childhood I always tried to reflect my imagination in paintings and drawings. All these Disney movies I have seen growing up developed my interest in digital art and contributed to my journey which started from the Paint app in the windows and ended on Photoshop Illustrator, 3Ds MAX and Maya where I brought my imagination to life. I am very observant, and I believe in all forms of art which gives me a wide room to experiment with different styles. Nature is my inspiration, I love its dynamic colors and the rhythms keep me motivated.


The story you love, “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory” is finally available in print and audio format on Amazon. The fairy tale is available in Kindle format, too.

The tinker fairy is also getting an all-new website that takes readers into the world of Tommy Tinker. It is filled with items inspired by the characters in the story: Tommy Tinker, Bubba the Head Candy Taster, The King & Queen Fairies and Ruby the Ribbon Fairy.

There are hundreds of products available, including:


Get all the fan merchandise you can think of: t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, flip-flops, shoes and more, with your favorite fairy character in it! You can pick the colors too.


Take your favorite characters with you in necklaces, drawstring bags, bracelets, tote bags and even on your phone.

Home Décor

Your favorite scenes and characters from the Tommy Tinker fairytale can now be part of your home! A homey selection of clocks, sheets, pillow covers, artwork and mugs are waiting for you at the store.

Paper Collection

Be inspired to write more with your favorite fairy characters in notebooks and journals. They’re made of high-quality paper that’s guaranteed to last.


Check out Teelie Turner’s newly released Tommy Tinker And The Lost Candy Factory, available in Kindle, eBook, print and audio. Be sure to get a copy of the new Tommy Tinker coloring book, available in eBook and print.


If you like sweets just like the enchanted folks, you’ll love the Tommy Tinker sweets collection! Grab a bite of mouthwatering desserts that are just irresistible like cake pops and cookie pops in your favorite flavors. Candy tins are also available.


Give the gift of magic to any kid with products featuring Tommy Tinker, Bubba the Head Candy Taster, The King & Queen Fairies and Ruby the Ribbon Fairy. Choose from: lunch boxes, kids aprons, puzzles and pacifiers.

Fairy Garden

Create Tommy Tinker-approved fairy gardens with gorgeous fairy doors inspired by fairy tale. Other fairy goodies and items to set your favorite Tommy Tinker scenes are also available.

Party Time

Throw the ultimate fairy party with party items inspired by your favorite characters from the fairy tale. Each character party selection includes party bunting banners and flags, paper plates, paper cups, custom party hats, satin ribbons and loads of stickers.

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