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Tommy Tinker Decorates a Tree for Mother’s Day

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Tommy Tinker Decorates a Tree for Mother's Day

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and today I’m going to show you some of the magical decorations that I need to put up in Fairy Land. Specifically, tree decorations for Mother’s Day. In Fairy Land, we decorate the trees for every holiday. Here are just a few of the lovely decorations that I get to use to add even more sparkle to our magical home.

1. Hummingbird ornament
Hanging Hummingbird Ornament Handblown Glass Sculpture
2. Star Ornament
Metal Hanging Barn Star Ornament Hanging Star Ornament
3. Iron Acorn Ornament
Forged Iron Acorn Ornaments
4. Wrapped in Love Garland
Tartan Bunting. Red Heart Shaped Garland Decoration

Hummingbird ornament

The first ornament that I’m going to put up is a handblown glass sculpture of a hummingbird. These are available in several different colors. Full details can be found on Etsy. The fairies have a particular connection to the birds. I think it is because we all fly.

Star Ornament

Mothers are like stars shining brightly in our lives. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are going to be putting up several metal star hanging ornaments. Find them on Etsy.

Iron Acorn Ornament

We also found some adorable, forged iron acorn ornaments. They are charming and will look amazing in our special Mother’s Day trees. If you’d like to start a Mother’s Day tree and include acorns, they are available on Etsy.

Wrapped in Love Garland

I will also be wrapping a special heart garland that has tartan bunting on it around the trees. A mother’s love is extremely precious, and we want our trees to reflect that emotion. You can find the garland on Etsy.

1. Hand Etched Ornament
Hand etched glass ornament - a unique gift for Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding favors, can be personalized or customized
2. Magical Suncatcher Ornament
Hanging ball, Hanging Crystal Suncatcher, Home Decor, Rearview Mirror, Ceiling Light Pull,Hanging Crystal Prism, Hanging Ball,3 Sizes
3. Rustic Ornament
Moose Antler Tree Ornament, Canadian Souvenir, antler shed, unique tree ornament, outdoor, real antler
4. Fabulous Floral Ornaments
Island Heritage 12 Pack Glossy Art Decorated Ornaments

Hand Etched Ornament

An artisan also created some hand etched glass ornaments which can also be personalized or customized if ever someone wants something special and unique. There are several designs available on Etsy for these incredible ornaments. The one that I’m showing you has a bird and flowers on it.

Magical Suncatcher Ornament

Suncatchers are also beautiful in windows and in magical trees. The prisms in these suncatchers will cause the illusion of rainbows to form when the sun hits them. It is an incredible sight. They are available in three sizes on Etsy.

Rustic Ornament

We also have several rustic ornaments to put up throughout Fairy Land because we know that mothers have an array of interests. These ornaments have trees and moose on them. Since we got ours this ornament has become unavailable but if you follow the Etsy link, it will direct you to the artisan’s page and you may be able to contact them to make an ornament just for you.

Fabulous Floral Ornaments

The final ornaments that I’m going to share with you come in a package of twelve. They are glossy art decorated ornaments with bright and cheerful floral patterns on them. Learn more on Amazon.

Thank you for joining me to look at the Mother’s Day ornaments that I’m going to put on the Fairy Land trees. I can’t wait to complete the job and see how wonderful they look. Please continue to visit The Tommy Tinker Store for more fairy news and fun.

In the meantime, please take a listen to the audio sample from the magical story that my friend Teelie Turner wrote about me. The story is called Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory.

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