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Wonderful And Magical Valentine’s Day Gifts For Fairies

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. This week the fairies have helped us to assemble a Valentine’s gift guide with wonderful and magical gifts for fairies.

Valentine’s Day Yummy Chocolate Cake, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Fairy Food, Chocolate Cake, Strawberry, White Frosting, Cute

Some Delicious Treats

The fairies will always be happy receiving sweets especially if they look and taste as delicious as these miniature pieces of Valentine’s chocolate cake. Find cake for your fairy friends here.

This video features many delicious fairy treats that you might enjoy too.


Valentine’s Day Popcorn Ball Decoration Kit

Magical Movie Night

Plan a magical movie night for your fairy love. But instead of just going out to the movies, set up a romantic evening at home. You can have other activities planned to make it extra special too. Since we know fairies love their sweets, we think decorating your own Valentine’s popcorn balls using a kit like the one found here from The Popcorn Factory could be great fun.

Amazing Red Teddy Bear With Love Wood Heart, Fairy Garden Decorations, Miniature, Dollhouse, Cute, Red Teddy Bear, Heart Candies, Heart

Adorable Teddy Bears

These teddy bears would make great gifts for a fairy on Valentine’s Day. They’re adorable red bears holding wooden hearts that say the word love on them. It is a romantic selection for that special fairy in your life this Valentine’s Day. Find the teddies here.

Once Upon A Time Magical Carriage, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Clear, Horses, Carriage, Fairy, Princess, Detailed, Pretty, Magical

An Unforgettable Outing

A ride in a magical fairy tale carriage that is pulled by horses would be an outing that you and your fairy love would never forget. Learn how you can find a magical carriage here.

Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy

An Enchanted Book

Consider gifting an enchanted book as a Valentine’s gift. It would be even more special if you plan some time together to read and relax. Even fairies have extremely busy lives and don’t always get to spend as much time with their loved ones as they would like. We recommend Teelie Turner’s book Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy. We know the fairies would love it. Find the eBook version of this story here.

Felicia’s Valentine’s Day Dreaming Collection Tote Bag

Gorgeous Tote Bags

This gorgeous tote bag with Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy on it would make an amazing Valentine’s Day gift as it is practical, beautiful, and can be used all year long. There are numerous tote bags to choose from for Valentine’s Day and occasions throughout the year. Learn more here.

Love Fairies Candle

Whimsical Fairy Candles

Candles are another great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. These magical fairy candles with unique label designs created by a talented graphic designer are part of the Gigi the Chic Fairy collection of candles. Each candle is made of soy and is vanilla-scented. There are several different designs for you to choose from for your significant other. Find out more here.

Sugarsnap-The Valentine Card Fairy Friends™ Travel Coffee Mug

Fantastic Travel Mug

If you know a fairy who is always on the move and might like to take their cup of hot cocoa or fruit tea with them, then choosing a travel mug as their Valentine’s Day gift could be a great option. Pictured above is just one of many from which you can choose. This one has the birds from the Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Card Fairy book on it, and lots of magical hearts. Find it here.

Thank you for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. Please come back and see us again soon for more fairy magic with Tommy and all his friends.

We also have this magical video that you may enjoy with other Valentine’s magic in it from Tommy Tinker’s Valentine’s Day celebrations last year.


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Enjoy a magical book trailer.


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