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Visit Candy Houses with Bubba the Head Candy Taster

TommyTinker March 5 2019 featured photo

Bubba The Head Candy taster certainly knows his stuff, and that includes knowing what some of the best candy houses look like! Since fairies love sweets and bright colors so much, it’s not a surprise that they’d build structures entirely out of candy. With their fairy magic, it’s easy to build a home constructed out of sweets. Whether it’s to live in or to make even more sweets, candy houses are some of the most magical fairy dwellings to exist! And Bubba the Head Candy Taster knows exactly where to find some of the best ones.

Join him in going through some of the most amazing candy houses and structures in the kingdom!

TommyTinker March 5 2019 1-51. The Lollipop Candy House

This candy house is made of magical gingerbread and held together by sweet sugar icing! All around it, rising like trees, are brilliantly colored lollipops. Two of them are swirling twists while the other two are giant paddle pops; all of them in a rainbow array of color. A line of adorable gumdrops line the perimeter of the home like a fence. Get the house at Etsy!

2. The Chocolate Candy Shoppe

Can you imagine what a perfect building for a candy shop would be?  This one is made entirely out of rich milk chocolate and candies! The shiny shingles of the roof are made of circular chocolate disks. The décor around the roof are big chocolate bonbons. There are even peppermint stick windowsills and jellybeans on the wall! Get the shop at Etsy.

3. The Merengue Cottage

One of Bubba’s candy assistants would live in such a little cottage as this: with swirling candy flowers dotting the walls and peppermint sticks as doorposts, it’s a small but deliciously adorable candy house! The entire roof and upper story of the cottage are made of swirly blobs of peppermint merengue, looking soft enough to eat. Get the cottage at Etsy.

4. The Candy Jar House

This is one clever candy house, and certainly one of Bubba’s favorites. Instead of having the entire house made entirely out of candy, the house is a gigantic candy jar itself! It’s even got its shiny silver lid at one side, along with a label that proclaims what goodies may be hiding inside. A fairy with a hoard of delicious candies will love to live here. Get it at Etsy.

5. Candy Gemstone House

This candy house is unique among others; it’s full of shining gemstone-like hard candies. The drops of hard candy crystals look like a treasure box all over the roof of the golden chocolate house. Candy canes, lollipops, and even candy floss surround this pretty, magical little candy crystal house. It’s one of the fancier candy homes out there. Get it at Etsy.

TommyTinker March 5 2019 6-106. The Alpine Gingerbread House

With its icing-covered peaked roof and icing-covered pointed tower, this candy house looks like it would fit in on the cold mountain alps. Inside, what looks like a warm fire glows, keeping the gingerbread walls nicely warm and toasty. Just imagine what it would be like to breathe in such a sweet scent coming from the whole home! Get it at Amazon.

7. The Pink Candy House

This candy house isn’t built on gingerbread, but instead is put together with pink candies. Placed like bricks or shingles, it’s a sturdy candy home. The roof is shingled with white chocolate candies as well, with white icing mortar. The sills and doorways ae lined in peppermint, all in white and pink to match the entire theme of the house. Get it at Amazon.

8. The Gummy Gumdrop Factory

This may not exactly be a candy house per-se, but it’s certainly constructed with some gigantic candies involved! Bubba regularly visits a Gummy Gumdrop Factory like this one, trying out new sweets and new flavors. The bubbling factory produces all kinds of gumdrop flavors, and is adorned with those same giant gumdrops on its towers and walls. Find it at Amazon.

9. The Colossal Candy Shop

This candy house is another candy shop, overloaded everywhere with colorful sweets. The roof is made of chocolate bricks like a giant candy bar, held together with white sugar icing and dotted with sprinkles and gumdrops. The chimney is of blue rock candies, with some lollies and peppermint sticks here and there. Even the awnings are made of humbugs! Find it at Amazon.

10. The Grand Candy House Tower

The most incredible of the candy homes, however, is this spectacular fairy candy tower. Constructed from white chocolate bricks, coated with white icing rooftops, green and red sprinkle shingles; it’s a mansion for a fairy who just adores candy. A of gingerbread men are standing guard at the doorway as well, welcoming any fairy to this splendid confectionery house. Get it at Amazon.

There’s no shortage of sweets in the fairy kingdom, as Bubba the Head Candy taster very well knows. With such supply, only the grandest of candy homes can be found all around. There’ll be more of them to visit, so join him again sometime!

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