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Tommy Tinker’s Village

Tommy Tinker's Magical Fairy Garden

In one of the cottages lived a young, bright, male fairy—not just an ordinary fairy—but an amiable tinker fairy. He is a bit skinny with golden blonde hair like cinnamon, wears delicate specs that fit him perfectly, and has glittery, flamboyant silver wings. He is no other than the most loved fairy, Tommy Tinker.

Bubba The Jolly Head Candy Taster

Welcome to Bubba’s’ fairy garden where he tastes all the candies that he creates for the candy factory. Being a head candy taster is a very responsible position as King Henry and Queen Olivia have declared him the best taster in all of the Fairy Kingdom

This fairy garden is one-of-a-kind and will not be reproduced

Ruby The Ribbon Fairy's Magical Fairy Garden

Welcome to Ruby’s fairy garden where she wraps all the candy boxes for the famous the candy factory in the Magical Fairy Kingdom. So happy you stopped by as Ruby loves to show humans how to make the perfect bow! Ready to learn?

King Henry and Queen Olivia

Celebrate The Magical Royal Fairy Garden

This is the Fairy Garden of King Henry and Queen Olivia and they invite you to celebrate with them the marriage of their distant relative Prince Henry and Meghan Markle-how exciting!