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Tommy Tinker's Magical Fairy Garden

In one of the cottages lived a young, bright, male fairy—not just an ordinary fairy—but an amiable tinker fairy. He is a bit skinny with golden blonde hair like cinnamon, wears delicate specs that fit him perfectly, and has glittery, flamboyant silver wings. He is no other than the most loved fairy, Tommy Tinker.

Tommy Tinker at your service and welcome to my magical tinkering garden. I am the Head Tinker Fairy in the fairy kingdom, but I’m also a keen inventor. King Henry and Queen Olivia gave me this title after I found the lost candy factory and stopped a disastrous event from happening in the fairy kingdom. So every day, I wake up to piles of broken items at my fairy front door that needs repair from my fairy friends. So, if you need a tinker fairy, then I am at your service! Just drop me a note and I’ll get back to you! Off to more tinkering!