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Tommy Tinker’s Halloween Adventure at the Library

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Tommy Tinker’s Halloween Adventure at the Library

Welcome back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m looking forward to going on a special adventure with you today. We’re going to be going to the local library to see what they have to offer us for Halloween fun.

1. The Five Spooktacular Witches
The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches
2. Halloween Movies
Double Double Toil and Trouble
3. Halloween Music
Halloween Sing-Along
4. Halloween Kitchen Fun
Halloween Cookbook: 300+ Halloween Recipes Quick and easy

The Five Spooktacular Witches

The library is full of magical books for Halloween including my friend Teelie Turner’s book titled ‘The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches.’ She let me read it and it is amazing. It features five amazing fairies in it. Read this book to enjoy time with Issy, Hallie, Courtney, Trixie-Love and Chef Gardenia. Find this book in print and as an e-book on Amazon. Keep reading to learn how you can also be entered for a chance to win a free print copy.

Teelie Turner will also be launching two incredible coloring books soon that feature these amazing fairy witches. There will be a free book and a second version available for sale on Amazon.

Halloween Movies

The library is also filled with fun Halloween movies. There are so many to pick from, but we decided to show you Double Double Toil and Trouble. It is available on Amazon.

You can also find exciting videos from Teelie Turner on Youtube like the one below.

Halloween Music

The library also has choices for Halloween music. Do you like spooky music? We decided to share this Halloween Sing-Along music with you. It can be found on Amazon.

Halloween Kitchen Fun

Halloween is also a time for enjoying an assortment of tasty treats. The library had an amazing cookbook titled ‘Halloween Cookbook: 300+ Halloween Recipes Quick and Easy’ that I think you might enjoy. Find it on Amazon.

For more fun in and out of the kitchen, watch this video:

1. Tons of Spooktacular Activities
My Big Book of Halloween Activities: Fun Decorations, Cards, Recipes, and Coloring for the Whole Family
2. Virtual Halloween Games
Fun Halloween Game Answer Battle - Family Trivia Powerpoint Game - Mac PC and iPad Compatible - Harvest Festival - Virtual Game
3. Adorable Halloween Tales
Curious George Goes to a Costume Party
4. Costume Ideas
Halloween Costumes: 35 Best Halloween Costume Ideas: Ideas for Your Halloween Costume Book


Tons of Spooktacular Activities

If you’re looking for some fun activities to enjoy at Halloween, you’ll like ‘My Big Book of Halloween Activities: Fun Decorations, Cards, Recipes, and Coloring for the Whole Family.’ It includes fun decorations, cards, recipes and coloring activities that the entire family can enjoy. Find it on Amazon.

Virtual Halloween Games

Do you enjoy trivia games? There is a virtual game that you can enjoy through PowerPoint. It is called Fun Halloween Game Answer Battle – Harvest Festival. It is available through Etsy.

Adorable Halloween Tales

Consider reading different Halloween books every night up until Halloween. The library is filled with a huge selection of adorable, fun, and spooky Halloween tales. I decided to show you ‘Curious George Goes to a Costume Party.’ Curious George is a monkey and there is a whole series of books that is written about him. It was written by Margaret and H.A. Rey. Find it on Amazon.

Costume Ideas

If you’re still looking for ideas of what to wear for Halloween, I found a book at the library that you might find interesting. It has thirty-five costume ideas for you to discover. Find it on Amazon.

I recently had to think about my costume too. Read more here. 

Thank you for joining me on my adventure to the library. As you can see a library has a lot to offer. I hope that you get a chance to visit one near you. Please continue to visit Tommy Tinker’s Store for a chance to discover what other Halloween adventures we’ve been up to. New books are also coming soon. You won’t want to miss them. Tell us about your Halloween plans by visiting us on social media.

The Wee Folk are also launching a magical cookbook. Watch our video to learn more and send your recipes to ideas@prtfg.com Let’s see how international the Wee Folks can make this special community project.

Discover our amazing Halloween book: The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Witches. Enter for your chance to win one of ten free print copies. Find it here. 

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The fairies would also like to invite you to discover their Super Autumn DIY Fairy Guide with fairy gardening ideas on the themes of autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Find it here.

The Fairies have started several magical fairy collector’s clubs. Learn more about them here. 

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