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Tommy Tinker Visits the Unicorn Garden

Tommy Tinker Visits the Unicorn Garden

Welcome back, Fairy Friends. I have a magical adventure for us to go on today. For those of you who I’m not acquainted with, my name is Tommy Tinker and I’m a tinkerer fairy. It means that I fix things in the Fairy Kingdom. It also means that I know a lot of fairies and magical creatures. Those magical creatures include unicorns. And, today, we’re going to be visiting a special unicorn garden. It has several enchanting unicorn gardens within one garden and will give you some ideas should you want to create your own at home. And later I hope that you continue to browse Tommy Tinker’s Store to have a look at our magical fairy clubs and other exciting fairy news.

Explore Unicorn Gardens
1. Magical Pastel Unicorns
Unicorns With Eyes Wide Open, Pastel, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Fairy, Cute Unicorns, Gold Unicorn Horn
2. Magical Friends
Beautiful white unicorn fairy gold and lavender accents pretty fairy on miniature unicorn fairy garden supplies fairy enchanted garden
3. Unicorns and Fairy Dust
Magical Fairy Dust - Pixie Dust, Unicorn, Bridesmaid Gift, Good Luck Gift
4. Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit
Unicorn Garden Kit for Kids, Fairy Garden Kit, Unicorn Kit, Fairy Kit, Miniature Garden Supplies, Miniature Fairy Garden Items

Magical Pastel Unicorns

Teelie’s Fairy Garden has some adorable pastel unicorns that could make your DIY fairy garden the place that all fairies want to visit for an opportunity to meet magical unicorns. Visit Etsy to see the unicorns which are available.

Magical Friends

Unicorns love having their fairy friends around. Our next fairy garden option is this beautiful white unicorn and its fairy friend. They’re inseparable and they hope that you’d like for them to live in your fairy garden. Adding a little barn or fairy house would also make a wonderful addition to your fairy garden. Find this unicorn and fairy on Etsy.

Unicorns and Fairy Dust

Unicorns have a special magic in their wings that allows them to fly. They also appreciate the help of their fairy friends for some magical fairy dust from time to time. Add a decorative container of fairy dust to your DIY garden. You can find a little bottle with a unicorn charm on it, on Etsy.

Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit

Find everything that you need to create an incredible unicorn themed fairy garden in this magical kit on Etsy. This kit is filled with magic and mystery as it comes with a unicorn, container, rainbow stepping stones, and plenty of surprises.

Unicorn Themed Fairy Gardens
1. Directional Signs
Unicorn and Troll Sign
2. Unicorn in Flight
Fairy garden unicorn, unicorn miniature, unicorn figurine, Gemini garden decoration , garden accessories
3. Fantastic Unicorn Fairy Door
Unicorn Wishes Door for Home and Garden
4. Fun Unicorn Fairy Kit
Fairy House Kit, Fairy Garden Kit, Fairy Garden Accessories, Fairy Kit, Miniature Garden Supplies, Terrarium Kit, Miniature Garden Items (Unicorn kit available)

Directional Signs

This directional sign would be perfect for your DIY fairy garden as it announces a fairy crossing, fairy ring and troll bridge. You’ll never get lost looking for the unicorns again. Find it on Etsy.

Unicorn in Flight

Unicorns love to fly around and stretch their powerful and magical wings. This unicorn is flying around the garden looking for some flowers to pick for its fairy and human friends. It is available on Etsy.

Fantastic Unicorn Fairy Door

Fairy doors are magical and let fairies into a garden, which is essential so that they can tend to the flowers and enjoy time with their unicorn friends. Find a unicorn fairy door on Etsy.

Fun Unicorn Fairy Kit

Our final pick for today is a magical fairy kit. There is a unicorn kit available. The kit will provide you with everything you need to create an enchanting unicorn fairy garden. This special kit will provide you with more than twenty pieces for your fairy garden. It includes a unicorn, diamonds, a lollipop, a tree, a bunny, a bench, and many more exciting items. Full details are available on Etsy.

Thank you for touring the magical unicorn garden with me today. I hope that it has sparked your creativity and given you some ideas for creating your own enchanting fairy garden. If you have any questions, let us know as we’d be happy to help. You can find us on social media and Bloglovin.’ We would also like to invite you to continue visiting Tommy Tinker’s Shop and Fairy Land.

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