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Tommy Tinker Visits the Magical Candy Shop

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Tommy Tinker Visits the Magical Candy Shop

Hello friends. Welcome back to my Magical Kingdom. My name is Tommy Tinker and today we’re going to be visiting  The Magical Fairy Candy Shop. I’ll be sharing eight of their delicious goodies with you. Here is a magical video about the Magical Fairy Puzzle Club that I’d love to share with you while I warm up my wings for our adventure.

1. Miniature Goodies
Pretty Pastel Miniature Candy, Fairy Treats, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Candy, Miniature Assorted Yummy Candies, Swirl Lollipop
2. Pastel Colored Lollipops
Swirly Lollipop, Fairy Food, Dollhouse Suckers, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Treats, Candy Shoppe, Miniature Pastel Colored Lollipops
3. Super Sweet Swirly Lollipops
Medium-Sized Colorful Lollipops, Fairy Sweets, Dollhouse Treats, Fairy Garden Colorful Swirl Lollipops, Miniature Candy Sticks, Sucker
4. Romantic Gestures
Romantic Cupcake and Coffee, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Pink Stars, Pink And White Candy Stick, Pink Ceramic cup And Saucer, Pink Plate

Miniature Goodies

Are you getting hungry to taste some of the delicious and magical treats inside of The Magical Candy Shop? Our first miniature goodies are an assortment of treats including some little pastel candies, and a swirly lollipop. The magical creatures around Fairy Land will be delighted to see these special treats on your table. Find them on Etsy.

 Pastel Colored Lollipops

The candy shop is filled with lollipops. Fairies sometimes pretend that their lollipops work as magical wands, especially when they are in training and don’t want to worry about their spells not working out. Choose one of these amazing pastel lollipops and practice your wand spells or give it to a fairy in your magical fairy garden. It is available on Etsy.

Super Sweet Swirly Lollipops

Appreciating the art in the creation of candy is so important. As with any job, it is the time and little details that make the work so special. When you see these super sweet and swirly lollipops, take a look at the details in the swirls and the extraordinary choice of colors. Your fairy garden or dollhouse could use a hint of these miniature treats. They’d also make a great centerpiece especially for a dessert table. They can be found on Etsy.

Romantic Gestures

Candy is also often used in romantic gestures, and fairies and other magical creatures in Fairy Land use many of the same tactics as humans when it comes to courtships. These magical cupcakes and striped candy sticks make the perfect treat for a loved one. They are available on Etsy.

1. Delicious Cakes and Candies
The Sweetest Strawberry Cake, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Food, Dollhouse, Miniature Cake, Candy, Bakery, Dollhouse Food, Strawberry
2. Halloween Treats and Candy Sticks
Halloween Cookies, Fairy Food, Miniature Halloween Cookies, Pumpkin Cookie, Spider Cookie, Candy Stick, Dollhouse Food, Yummy Cookies
3. Loads of Tricks and Treats
Halloween Happy Spider Bag, Dollhouse, Miniatures, Trick or Treat Spider Bag, Happy Spider Bag, Fairy Garden Goodies, Candies, Bag
4. Cute Candy Cane Trees
Miniature Green Glittery Christmas Tree, Fairy Garden, Golden Star, Christmas Packages, Candy Cane, Red Bird, Ribbon. Fairies, Miniature

Delicious Cakes and Candies

Fairies would love to have these adorable treats in their fairy garden and this miniature kit comes with a lavender teddy bear friend. The fairies just hope that it won’t eat all the cake and candies before they get to have some too. The cake appears to be chocolate and is beautifully decorated. I know that my friend Bubba who is a talented baker would approve of all the hard work that went into this delightful creation. It can be found on Etsy.

Halloween Treats and Candy Sticks

Next let’s take a walk down the Halloween aisle in the candy shop. This autumn holiday is just around the corner and it means it is time to start thinking about Halloween candy. I personally love these eyeball, pumpkin, and spider cookies. They are adorable and come with a candy stick. Each design is sold separately. Visit Etsy for more information.

Loads of Tricks and Treats

Next, we’re going to explore some special Halloween gift packages that include assorted candies and other goodies. This one includes a Halloween cookie, orange pumpkins, a black cat, a trick-or-treat bag and a couple of table toppers. Complete details are available on Etsy.

Cute Candy Cane Trees

And the final aisle that we’re going to wander down today is the Christmas aisle. While it is still a few months away, the candy shop knows how much people love this magical holiday. This aisle is always decorated beautifully. The shop owner hangs the candy canes on amazing looking trees. You can find adorable miniature trees on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me on today’s adventure to the Magical Fairy Land Candy Shop.  Please stay and look around Tommy Tinker’s Store. There is more magic for you to discover. Consider reaching out to us on social media or on Bloglovin’.

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