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Tommy Tinker Visits A Hockey Themed Fairy Garden

Tommy Tinker Visits A Hockey Themed Fairy Garden

Welcome back to the Tommy Tinker Store. Since the Stanley Cup Playoffs finished last week, I decided to visit a hockey-themed fairy garden. If you want to create one of your own, we encourage you to use your imagination and choose what inspires you.

hockey fairy garden
1. Gnome Playing Hockey
1 (ONE) Gnome figurine, Gnome after a design by Rien Poortvliet, Brb Gnome, David the Gnome, gnome playing ice hockey. #709G26K8
2. Miniature Hockey Skates
personalized hockey gifts, hockey keychain, hockey skate, custom hockey ornament, hockey mom, hockey son, best gift hockey idea – Bauer
3. Hockey Stick and Puck
International Miniatures by Classics Dollhouse Miniature Hockey Stick w/Puck
4. The Anthem Singer
Sweet Summer Song Spirit of the Forest Fairy Figurine Ornament

Gnome Playing Hockey

In the hockey garden that I visited, I met a gnome playing hockey. He loved skating around the rink. Occasionally other gnomes and wee folk join him for a game during the night when most of the humans are sleeping. Find this gnome on Etsy.

Miniature Hockey Skates

These adorable hockey skates that come on a keychain are the perfect size for a fairy or gnome. A little bit of fairy dust and they come alive for the fairy or gnome’s use. Find them on Etsy. They can also be personalized.

Hockey Stick and Puck

This miniature hockey stick and puck are a must for a hockey-themed fairy garden. They’re instrumental when it comes to a game of hockey. Find them on Amazon.

The Anthem Singer

This forest fairy was the anthem singer for the fairy/gnome game of hockey in the garden that I visited. Her voice is so melodic and lovely that you cannot help but smile when you hear her. Learn more on Etsy.

hockey fairy garden
1. Celebratory Fireworks
Fireworks Stand For Your Dollhouse Or Fairy Garden, Miniature, Red, White, Blue, Fireworks, Adorable Stand, 4th Of July Fireworks Stand
2. Game Food
Hotdogs and Fries, Miniature, Fairy Garden, 4th Of July Celebration, Mustard, Ketchup, Miniature Food, Miniature Hotdogs, Fries
3. Refreshing Beer
Refreshing Ice Cold Miniature Beer, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Celebration, Fairy Celebration, Wee Folk Party, Fun Party
4. Chocolate and Candies
Amazing Rainbows and Chocolate Candies, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Treats, Miniature Candy Shoppe, Dollhouse Chocolate Candies, Cute

Celebratory Fireworks

After a hockey game, celebrating a win with fireworks is popular. The fairy garden used a 4th of July fireworks stand and it worked great. It is available on Etsy.

Game Food

Hotdogs and fries are a popular choice for food at a hockey game. The fairies love to host pre and post-game barbecues with their friends too. You can find some fairy food on Etsy.

Refreshing Beer

We also found some refreshing beers to be enjoyed after the game. There is also lemonade and soda available on Etsy if you prefer these to an alcoholic beverage.

Chocolate and Candies

Since fairies love sweets having chocolates and candies is important. We found an amazing rainbow and chocolate candies set on Etsy, and the wee folks are really enjoying them. They think it is amazing to be able to enjoy a sports game and some of their favorite treats too.

Thank you for joining me in the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m so glad that we could visit a hockey-themed fairy garden together. This garden incorporated the game and several parts of the experience surrounding it. However, if you choose to create your own sports-themed fairy garden, you can use your imagination to create your perfect adventure.


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