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Tommy Tinker Tours a Pirate Ship

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Tommy Tinker Tours a Pirate Ship

Welcome back to the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and this week our adventure is going to be to tour a pirate ship. My author friend Teelie Turner inspired me to go on this adventure, since she wrote a new book called Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure.

Here is a short video for you to enjoy.

1. Magical Treasure Chest
Miniature Pirate Treasure Chest, Pirate Booty, Pirate Loot, Pirate Fairy Garden Accessory
2. Sea Pirate Door
Fairy Garden Mini - Sea Pirate Door - Miniature Supplies Accessories Dollhouse
3. Bearded Pirate
Male Pirate Holding a Bottle, Bearded Pirate Miniature Figurine, Beach Fairy Garden Accessory, Pirate Cake Topper
4. The Ship’s Parrot
3.5" Miniature Parrot, Rainforest Bird, Exotic Animal, Pirate Pet, Tropical Cake Topper

Magical Treasure Chest

There is a magical treasure chest hidden on the pirate ship. The pirates except for Pirate Pete and the other pirate fairies don’t know that it is there. If you’d like to have a miniature treasure chest to use in a fairy garden, you can find one on Etsy.

Sea Pirate Door

The ship has some incredible pirate doors. I stood in front of it for quite a while studying the intricate designs. Find it on Etsy.

Bearded Pirate

There are many pirates on the ship but since I’m a fairy, I was able to be invisible while I toured the ship. If you’re looking to create a fairy garden or a pirate cake, we found a pirate on Etsy that can help you.

The Ship’s Parrot

A pirate’s pet is a parrot. I got to meet an incredible parrot on the ship. Learn more about him on Etsy.  At my home in Fairy Land, it is rare for me to see parrots. However, I see owls who live near my cottage on a regular basis.

1. Magical Message in a Bottle
I'm so lucky to have you / I found you / you found me. Good luck. Clover. Tiny message in a bottle. Miniatures. Personalised Gift
2. Touring the Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship with Black Sails, Beach Fairy Garden Accessory, Pirate Theme Cake Topper
3. On the Lookout for Mermaids
Fairy Garden Miniature Mermaid Listen Conch on Stone, Terrarium Figurines Aquarium Supplies Terrarium Accessories DIY
4. Ship’s Wheel
Miniature ship wheel decorative 1/12 scale

Magical Message in a Bottle

While we were touring the ship, we saw some of the cabin boys using nets to fish items out of the water. One item they found was a message in a bottle. One of the messages had a good luck clover on it. If you’d like to send your own message in a bottle, information is available on Etsy.

Touring the Pirate Ship

The pirate ship was sturdy and had black pirate flags on them. The flags had a pirate with skull and crossbones on them. Learn more about the ship on Etsy.

On the Lookout for Mermaids

Pirate Pete told me to be on the lookout for mermaids. The regular pirates wouldn’t be able to see them unless they wanted to be seen, but as a fairy, the mermaids would be pleased to come out for a chat. I’d like to introduce you to one of the lovely mermaids that I met. She was sunning herself on a rock and listening to the sound of the sea in a conch shell. Find them on Etsy.

Ship’s Wheel

I also got to discover the ship’s wheel. I didn’t drive the ship though; I didn’t want the pirate captain to become suspicious. Learn more about ship’s wheels on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting the Tommy Tinker Store. We hope that you enjoyed touring the pirate ship. Please come back and visit us next week. Another adventure will be waiting for you.

We’ll leave you with one final magical pirate video.

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