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Tommy Tinker Tours a Candy Store

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Tommy Tinker Tours a Candy Store

I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m so glad to have you visit The Tommy Tinker Store. This week I’m touring a candy store. I love getting to discover delicious treats. With Halloween later on this week, it was essential for me to stock up on some sweets for the trick-or-treaters. Another reason I like to visit candy stores is to see if they’re carrying the magical products which are made in the Fairy Land Candy Factory.

Learn more about Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory in Teelie Turner’s amazing storybook. You can also find details in the video.


Halloween Candy
1. Cookies and Candy Sticks
Halloween Cookies, Fairy Food, Miniature Halloween Cookies, Pumpkin Cookie, Spider Cookie, Candy Stick, Dollhouse Food, Yummy Cookies
2. Trick or Treating Bowl
Spooky Spider Bag, Dollhouse, Miniatures, Fairy Garden Goodies, Yummy Candies, Colorful Fairy Garden Candies, Spider, Halloween Bag
3. Lovely Lollipops
Halloween Happy Spider Bag, Dollhouse, Miniatures, Trick or Treat Spider Bag, Happy Spider Bag, Fairy Garden Goodies, Candies, Bag
4. Rainbow Treats
Amazing Rainbows and Chocolate Candies, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Treats, Miniature Candy Shoppe, Dollhouse Chocolate Candies, Cute


Cookies and Candy Sticks

Some candy stores also sell cookies. I found these ones especially cute for Halloween. There were pumpkin cookies, spider cookies, and eyeball cookies with an assortment of candy sticks. I’m looking forward to trying a few of these with my hot cocoa when I fly back to my cottage in Fairy Land. Find these treats on Etsy.

Trick or Treating Bowl

The candy store had a very cute Halloween display. It included a bowl of colorful candies, a spider, a Halloween bag, and some other treats. You can learn more about it on Etsy.

Lovely Lollipops

There is something magical about a lollipop. I think it’s the way that the colors twist and turn like a piece of artwork. A few bright-colored lollipops were available with some other assorted candies and a trick-or-treating bag. Full details are available on Etsy.

Rainbow Treats

Another display reminded me of a rainbow smiling as it danced in the sky. There were lots of chocolates and rainbow-colored candies. They looked so cheerful and delicious. You can find them on Etsy. I know your fairy friends would appreciate the treat.

Halloween Candy
1. Delicious Handcrafted Chocolates
Chocolate Candies, Fairy Food, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Candies, Mini Chocolates, Candy Shoppe, White and Dark Chocolate, DIY
2. Jars of Delights
Dollhouse candy realistic liquorice twizzler or allsorts jar, 1:12 scale polymer clay.
3. Enjoy Some Candy Corn
Dollhouse Miniature Loose Candy Corn, Polymer Clay Food, Halloween Candy
4. Candy Apple Treats
Miniature Hand Dipped Candy Apples, Polymer Clay Food, Red Apples, Dollhouse Miniature

Delicious Handcrafted Chocolates

Creating handcrafted chocolates is an art form. We have some talented chocolate artists who work at the Fairy Land Candy Factory. There were some assorted white and dark chocolates at the candy store I visited. I couldn’t resist sampling some. Find some miniature chocolates on Etsy.

Jars of Delights

Something that is exciting to see in a candy store is a glass jar filled with candy because they are reminiscent of candy shops that have been operating for years. Some of the candies available in a jar were black and red Twizzler licorice and All Sorts candies. You can learn more by visiting Etsy.

Enjoy Some Candy Corn

Kindy the Candy Corn Fairy would have been disappointed if I didn’t check how much candy corn the store had for sale. It was in good supply and was available in the traditional kernel shape, and also as miniature pumpkins. See some candy corn on Etsy.

Candy Apple Treats

Candy apples are another special treat that is especially enjoyed at Halloween. There were some hand-dipped candy apples available at the candy store that I visited. You can find some on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. We hope you enjoyed an enchanted tour of the candy store. You can listen to an audio sample of Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory in this video.


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