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Tommy Tinker Shares Magical Places to Read in Fairy Land

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Hello Fairy Believers. We’re excited that you’re back for another adventure with me, Tommy Tinker. The Tommy Tinker Store team has created a magical list of eight places to read in Fairy Land. You can also read in these places in your hometowns. We encourage you to discover Teelie Turner’s books and any other books that make you happy.

We will soon be introducing you to Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy. She loves to read to children. She also loves to change locations each time she reads. Keep coming back to visit us for more Felicia updates.

Exhart Reading Fairy Statue w/Garden Solar Lights – Mini Resin Fairy Figurine, Book Fairy Statue- Garden, Patio, Living Room, 8″ Tall

In the Moonlight

Reading in the moonlight is an enchanted option. If you aren’t in Fairy Land, then you just need the right kind of lighting to help you out. Our fairy friend who is pictured above with a book uses solar lights. Meet her on Amazon.

Reading Rabbit Mom And Kid On Swing | Reading Bunny Figurine | Reading Rabbit Figurine | Fairy Garden Bunny | Rabbit Statue | Rabbit Figure

In a Hammock

You could also choose to read in a hammock like the mother rabbit and her little bunny are doing. Meet them on Etsy. Maybe they’re even reading my new book Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland.

Fairy Garden Miniature Small Cute Rabbit Reading Book with Bird, Mini Garden Supplies DIY Terrarium Accessories Animal Figurine

In a Meadow

Reading in a meadow is another magical option. We found a bunny and a bird reading a story together. They loved talking about what was happening. They are also going to write a review of the story when they’re done to help more people learn about it. Consider doing the same after you’ve read a book. Meet this bunny and bird on Etsy.

Resin Mama Bear Reading Baby Bear a Story, Bank Collectible Coin Bank Money Saver Retro Classic Kids Bedroom Decor Baby Gift Nursery Room 

In a Cozy Chair

You can also read in a cozy chair. We met a mother bear reading to her baby bear. They were featured on a magical collectible coin bank. There is only one available. Find it on Etsy.

XinTX 2 Pieces Owl Statues Decor,Owl Reading Book Figurine Cute Crafted Statue for Home Office Living Room Decoration, Animal Sculptures Collection BFF for Owls Lovers

In a Library

Reading in a library is another amazing option. We met some owls who were enjoying some enchanted stories. You can learn about them on Amazon.

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Sitting Fairy Bonnie with Squirrels – Fairy Garden

In a Garden

The garden is another magical place to read. You will be surrounded by beautiful sights, sounds and fragrances. Our friend Bonnie the Fairy is currently reading an incredible story in an amazing fairy garden. Learn more on Amazon.

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On the Porch

You can read on the porch if you’d like. Our friend the frog is reading a book while relaxing on the veranda. He is also using solar powered lights to help him see at night. Meet this frog on Amazon.

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Fairy Figurines – 2 Adorable Miniature Garden Fairies Sitting on a Stump Reading a Book – Storytime Fairies – Fairy Garden Supplies 1 Piece

On a Bench

Reading on a bench is also a great way to enjoy being outdoors and enjoying an incredible story. We met two fairy sisters who were sitting on a log that had been turned into a bench. It is lots of fun to take turns reading with family and friends because it allows you to share the experience. Meet these fairy sisters on Amazon.

Thank you for joining me on this magical adventure to find incredible places to read in Fairy Land. Let us know by commenting below, where your favorite place to read is. Please come back and visit us again soon in the Tommy Tinker Store. Other adventures await you.

In the meantime, please take a listen to this audio sample from the magical story that my friend Teelie Turner wrote about me. The story is called Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory.

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