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Tommy Tinker Shares Magical Pieces Of Art You’ll Love

In Celebration of International Artist’s Day which takes place this week, Tommy Tinker has chosen eight incredible pieces of art to share with you. Follow him to Fairy Land to enjoy this week’s adventure.

We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.


Tommy Tinker And The Snowed In Castle Mounted Print

This amazing, mounted print features Tommy Tinker and a snowy image from when he was snowed in at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle. Teelie Turner wrote a book about this adventure called Tommy Tinker and The Snowed In Castle. This mounted print is available on wood or canvas and in three different sizes. Learn more here.

Queen Olivia In The Snowed In Castle Art Board Print

This beautiful artboard print comes in three different sizes. It is a great option for adding a small piece of art to a space to add some extra magic without taking up room you may not have. Queen Olivia is on this artboard print. This scene is from when she was snowed in at her castle. Learn more here.

Wendy The Weather Fairy Acrylic Block

This lovely acrylic block comes in two sizes. It is another great option if you’d like to add some extra color and artistic expression to a space. These art blocks are also very easy to move around in case you want to change up your fairy décor from time to time. This acrylic block has Wendy the Weather Fairy on it. She’s the fairy who caused the huge snowstorm that caused King Henry, Queen Olivia, Tommy Tinker, and several others to be snowed in at the castle. Learn more here.

Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Tapestry

Tapestries are also great options to add some magic to your walls. This tapestry features Desta the Dragon Fairy. Desta and her dragon Destiny are personal friends of Tommy Tinker’s. Small, medium, and large tapestries are available. One of Desta’s main jobs is to train dragons. Learn more here.

Bubba The Head Candy Taster Fairy™ Poster

This is the Bubba the Head Candy Taster’s poster. Bubba is one of Tommy Tinker’s best friends. The posters have a semi-gloss finish. Small, medium, and large sizes are available. Embark on the magic of Fairy Land with this poster. Learn more here.

Susan At Magical Fairy Play™ Metal Print

This beautiful metal print has Susan, Tommy Tinker’s niece on it. She travels with him to Ireland in Teelie Turner’s book Tommy Tinker and Sacred Trees of Ireland. The metal print is available in five amazing sizes. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker Magical Toadstool Bench™ Framed Art Print

This stunning framed art print has Tommy Tinker working at his toadstool workbench. The blue background that reminds us of the sky is absolutely amazing. Various sizes and frame styles are available. Learn more here.

The Famous Tommy Tinker And Niece Susan™ Photographic Print

This great photographic print features Tommy Tinker and his niece Susan outside of their mushroom house. Four sizes are available and you can have a metallic or luster finish. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker is thankful that you came to visit him. Please come back to the Magical Fairy Kingdom soon for more enchanted adventures. You can also visit us on social media.

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Follow along in the adventures of Tommy Tinker in the Fairy Kingdom, where each day is one to explore and discover new things. Together with his friends, Ruby and Bubba, in service of their King Henry and Queen Olivia, this band of magical fairies are determined to keep the peace and prosperity of their kingdom, with the help of their magical powers.


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