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Tommy Tinker Shares Exciting And Fantastic Easter Treats

Easter is almost here and in Fairy Land, that means lots and lots of treats. Tommy Tinker is looking forward to sharing some exciting and fantastic Easter treats with you. Let’s get our wings fluttering and spring into action so we can join him on this journey.

Annie’s Organic Friends Bunny Graham Snacks, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate & Honey, 11.25 oz. Box

Assorted Bunny Snacks

These adorable bunny graham snacks can be eaten as they are, added to a lunchbox for some added fun, or mixed into some snack mix for a fantastic Easter treat. Possibilities are endless when it comes to intriguing culinary creations. Learn more here.

Chocolate Gift Baskets for Easter | Variety Holiday Snack Crate- Prime Delivery Gift Assortment | Unique Food Treats for Family Holiday Ideas | Bonnie & Pop

Amazing Gift Basket

This variety holiday snack crate is filled with intriguing options for Easter including chocolate eggs, malt balls, assorted yogurt-covered pretzels, lemon crème almonds and so much more. Complete details are available here.


Easter Gift Basket | Spring Chocolate Eggs, Candy, Pretzel Smash Cake Chicks & Bunnies | Fun Unique Gift Idea for Kids, Families, Boy, Girl, Son, Daughter, Party | Bonnie and Pop

Fun Easter Treats

This chocolate wreath is covered in delicious treats. There is also a smash egg where you’ll be able to discover some more magical treats inside. This is one way that you can add some extra fun to your Easter celebrations. Tommy Tinker cannot wait to attend a celebration where these sweet treats are served. Learn more here.

Easter Gift Basket | Snack and Treat Filled Easter Candy Bunny and Chick Tins | Perfect for Kids, Families, 2 Count | Bonnie and Pop

Intriguing Easter Tins

This delicious treat option comes with two tins, one is shaped like a bunny and the other like a chick. Inside the tins are lots of chocolates and treats such as cookies, popcorn, and pretzels. Learn all the magical details here.

Easter Basket for Kids Already Filled – Premade Assortment of Easter Candy & Treats, Easter Egg Coloring Kit, Cute Plush Bunny Keychain & Bubbles – Easter Basket Stuffers & Egg Fillers, Prefilled Easter Gift for Kids

Pre-Made Easter Baskets

Tommy Tinker also found some delicious treats in some pre-made Easter baskets. Included in the basket were plush toys and activities such as Easter egg coloring. But there were also lots of chocolates and candies that Tommy cannot wait to try. Learn more here.

Easter Care Package – Filled with Candy, Chocolates, Snacks, Cookies and More. Perfect for Kids, Girls, Boys, College Students – Great Easter Gift Basket (Yellow Box)

Enchanted Easter Care Package

This Easter care package is a great idea for having special treats to share at home or for sending to a friend or relative who you can’t be with at Easter. This yellow box gift basket has tons of chocolates, candies, cookies, and other snacks in it to let someone special know that you’re thinking of them. Complete details are available here.

Ferrero Rocher Premium Gourmet Chocolate Bulk Bundle, Individually Wrapped Candy for Easter Baskets, 4 Pack, 15 oz Total

Golden Easter Delights

This Ferrero Rocher chocolate gourmet bundle is delicious looking. The gold wrappers are very chic, and the flavors are delightful. Several flavors of golden eggs with special Easter fillings in them and fine chocolates come in this bundle. Learn more here.

Lindt Easter Basket with GOLD BUNNY, Festive Lindt Chocolate for Kids with Green Easter Basket Ready for Gifting

Festive Easter Basket

This basket is filled with Lindt chocolates and is ready for gifting or sharing with family and friends. This special basket includes several enchanted chocolate treats to make the experience special. Complete details are available here.

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