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Tommy Tinker Recaps Some of His Favorite Adventures

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2020 Adventures

Can you believe it? It’s the last blog post for the year 2020. Welcome back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and this week I’m going to be sharing eight enjoyable adventures that I went on during the year 2020. For each, I chose one item to highlight the adventure to share with you. I’d like to invite you to get yourself a cookie, a cup of hot cocoa and settle in for some magical reading fun.

I’d also like to introduce you to my friend Chime, the New Year’s Fairy. A brand-new book has been written about her. Find it here and discover Chime’s amazing story about making holiday wishes come true. Here is a video to enjoy too.

1. Tree Decorating With Magical Flying Ornaments
Design Toscano Christmas Tree North Pole Santa Hat Holiday Snowflake Dragon Ball Ornament, Single, Multicolored
2. Get Crafting With Tommy Tinker
Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit - Arts & Crafts For Kids - Includes Rocks & Waterproof Painting
3. Tommy Tinker Visits the Unicorn Garden
Fairy garden unicorn, unicorn miniature, unicorn figurine, Gemini garden decoration , garden accessories

Tree Decorating With Magical Flying Ornaments 

Recently, we enjoyed a magical Christmas adventure, where we had the chance to enjoy some Christmas tree ornaments with the fairies. One of those ornaments featured a dragon wearing a Santa hat. Find it on Amazon.

Get Crafting With Tommy Tinker 

I love doing crafts and another adventure that I enjoyed this year was exploring different kinds of crafts that could be done. One of the items that my merchant friends found was an arts and crafts kit for children that included rock painting. It is still available on Amazon.

Tommy Tinker Visits the Unicorn Garden 

Another amazing adventure was getting to visit a unicorn garden. I love getting to meet all the magical creatures that live in the Magical Kingdom that I call home. You can find one of the magical unicorns that I met on Etsy.

Searching for Fantastic Fairy Doors with Tommy Tinker 

I also enjoyed an adventure where I flew around the Fairy Kingdom to look at magical fairy doors. Each door is unique and an amazing gateway into a fairy home. I decided to show you bright colored fairy doors with a butterfly on them today. Learn more on Etsy.

1. Tommy Tinker Helps Find a Fairy Pet Dads Will Love
4pcs Owl Miniature Bird Figurine, Tiny Birds , Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories Animals
2. Help Tommy Tinker Install Birdfeeders Throughout Fairy Land
Bird Feeder, Craftsman Prairie Style Wooden 3D puzzle kit and lantern. DIY model you build!
3. Fairy Goals for 2020
With brave wings she flies, Inspirational Message, Women Empowerment, Dragonfly ornament. Inspirational Gifts, Don't give up, Have Faith
4. Celebrate Fairy Gifting Day
Glitty The Giveaway Fairy™ Travel Mug

Tommy Tinker Helps Find a Fairy Pet Dads Will Love 

For Father’s Day, I helped look for some pet suggestions that dads might love. One of my favorite pets are owls. I actually have a few that live near my home in Fairy Land. Meet an owl on Etsy.

Help Tommy Tinker Install Birdfeeders Throughout Fairy Land 

One of the jobs I needed to complete in Fairy Land this year was the installation of several unique birdfeeders. I had a wonderful time doing this. One of the birdfeeders was a birdfeeder/lantern which is available on Etsy.

Fairy Goals for 2020 

I also told you about some of the goals that the fairies had for their year 2020. I think they did an amazing job of completing the goals that they set for themselves. I’m very proud of my community. I decided to show you a dragonfly ornament that is available on Etsy. On the ornament, the words ‘With Brave Wings She Flies’ are engraved. It was in celebration of our goal to conquer fear.

Celebrate Fairy Gifting Day 

We also celebrated Fairy Gifting Day in Fairy Land. It is always a fun day. Glitty the Giveaway Fairy has her own collection of merchandise which is available on Redbubble. One of the items in her collection of merchandise is a travel mug.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope that you’ve enjoyed our adventure and meeting my friend Chime. Please continue to visit Tommy Tinker’s Store for news and updates from Fairy Land. We have several new projects planned for the year 2021.

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Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Hello fairy lover! Thank you for stopping by to read our fairy blog post about Tommy Tinker's magical fairy friends. Please stop by often as there is always adventure to write about in the Fairy Kingdom. Fairy hugs, Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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