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Tommy Tinker Prepares For A Remarkably Enchanted July 4th

Tommy Tinker wants to have a remarkably enchanted 4th of July. But, how is he going to spend it? Join him on this amazing adventure as he plans to celebrate this magical holiday. He’s going to need your advice when it comes to making the right decisions for his celebration. Here’s a video for you to enjoy too.


patriotic patsy

Patriotic Patsy’s Remarkable and Epic Fairy Fourth of July Adventure

With so many options for what he’s going to do this 4th of July, Tommy Tinker isn’t certain how he plans to spend the day. However, there are a few things that he knows he must do. One of these things includes reading Teelie Turner’s new book titled “Patriotic Patsy’s Remarkable and Epic Fairy Fourth of July Adventure.” This book is all about the magic of the 4th of July and the fairy who is in charge of this extremely important American holiday. Learn more here.

new patriotic patsy ifg cover 900x

Patriotic Patsy Instant Fairy Garden

Tommy might also spend some time before the 4th of July putting together an amazing instant fairy garden from Teelie Turner’s exclusive collection. This amazing instant fairy garden is easy to download and there are 233 miniature cut outs/backgrounds included to make for a stunning 4th of July fairy garden. The design possibilities are endless. Learn more here.

july bucket of popcorn

Watch an Outdoor Movie

Tommy might choose to join some friends to watch a movie on an outdoor movie screen. If he does this, he knows that there’ll be lots of delicious buttery popcorn available for the occasion. There might even be red, white, and blue 3-D glasses. Learn more here.

yummy deluxe hamburger

Help at a Fairy Barbecue

Lots of Tommy Tinker’s friends will be hosting barbecues for the 4th of July including Queen Olivia and King Henry, the rulers of the Fairy Kingdom. This means that we might find Tommy Tinker behind the grill or at the lemonade / iced tea stand lending a hand to help make everyone’s day magical with great food. Learn more here.

july hotdogs and fries

Eat Delicious Barbecued Food

Whether Tommy Tinker is behind the grill, or just attending a magical 4th of July barbecue he’s definitely going to enjoy the delicious food that is available. These hotdogs and French fries look great and aren’t something that Tommy eats very often. Learn more here.

Help Bubba with the Baking

This 4th of July, Tommy Tinker might be called upon to help his friend Bubba, the Head Candy Taster from the Fairy Land Candy Factory out with some baking that he’s doing. Bubba is great at baking and many of his friends order up special treats for all occasions. Since the 4th of July is such a huge holiday, Bubba will be busy creating lots of treats with a red, white, and blue theme. Learn more here.

, 4th of july ice cream sandwiches, red, white, blue

Time at the Ice Cream Shop

A stroll down to the Fairy Land ice cream shop for a visit with Carmella the Ice Cream Fairy and the chance for a sweet and cool treat like one of these red, white, and blue ice cream sandwiches is another fun activity that Tommy Tinker might enjoy this 4th of July. Learn more here.

jerry garcia collector's edition men's moon mountain artwork

Wear Something Red, White, and Blue

Tommy Tinker knows that he’s going to wear something red, white, and blue this 4th of July. If he attends a ball, he might choose a tie such as this Jerry Garcia Collector’s Edition. It is extremely festive, and Tommy knows with a little fairy dust he can shrink it to his size. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker hopes that you’ll comment below and on social media to help him figure out what he should do for his 4th of July celebration. With so many choices, it is difficult for him to decide how to spend this important day.

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