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Tommy Tinker Hosts a Pirate Party for His Friend Pete

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Pirate Pete Book Launch

Hello fairy friends, I’m glad to see you again. My name is Tommy Tinker and we have an extremely exciting adventure planned for you today. Author Teelie Turner has written a new book about my friend Pirate Pete. It is launching soon and so we’re having a party to celebrate Pete. The party is being held in a meadow by a lake. It should be amazing.  And later, we hope that you continue to explore the Tommy Tinker Store website where you’ll find lots of exciting adventures.

1. Pirate Pete’s Adventurous Story
Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure
2. Pirate Décor
Miniature Treasure Chest With Gold
3. Pirate Surprises
Pirate Pete Zipper Pouch
4. Magical Invitations
Pirate Party Invitations, Kids Birthday Party Invitations In A Bottle

Pirate Pete’s Adventurous Story

The party will begin with a reading of Pirate Pete’s thrilling book. Let me tell you a bit about it. Pirate Pete is responsible for helping patrol the seas and look after the cabin boys. Pirate Pete is an honest pirate and fairy and he is only interested in helping and doing good work. His home base is on a ship called ‘The Treasure Trove’ but he can be called anywhere on the seas and arrive in a matter of minutes. On the ships, he looks like an ordinary pirate to protect his identity. One of his favorite missions involved helping to rescue some secret fairy treasure which a sea fairy named Purnella alerted him to. Pirate Pete had to work quickly to help hide the treasure because he didn’t want it to get into the hands of unlawful pirates who could cause a lot of problems if the treasure chest was filled with fairy dust. Communicating telepathically with his brother Peppin, Pirate Pete is able to get assistance in getting the treasure chest hidden on land. The sea creatures and Purnella turn out to be invaluable allies. Getting the treasure back to Fairy Headquarters proves to be an intriguing and stormy journey. Read Pirate Pete and the Secret Fairy Treasure to learn more about Pirate Pete’s work and how he and other fairies and fairy creatures including a mermaid named Mercinda keep the fairy treasure safe. You will soon be able to find a copy on Amazon.

Pirate Décor

There will be lots of pirate decorations at the party to help us celebrate our theme. One of the decorations is a replica of a miniature treasure chest filled with gold. You can find this adorable decoration on Etsy if you’d like to have your own pirate party.

Pirate Surprises

Today’s party is going to feature lots of surprises including a chance for party goers to get some Pirate Pete merchandise like this special zippered pouch. You can find it on Redbubble.

Magical Invitations

A week ago, our fairy postmaster sent out the invitations for the party. They were not the usual kind that you’re used to seeing. Our party invitations were sent out using messages in a bottle. The fairies were delighted to receive them. You can find them on Etsy.

1. Pirate Desserts
Arrgh Pirate ,Mermaid, and Treasure dessert/cupcake topper/picks
2. Pirate Themed Gifts
Pirate Pete Drawstring Bag
3. Magical Fairy Compass
Personalized compass Engraved Working compass Gold brass compass
4. Pirate Party Games
Boat Pinata, Pirate ship, nautical

Pirate Desserts

The party will feature a table filled with delicious food, especially amazing pirate themed desserts. Fairies love sweet treats. One treat is special pirate cupcakes that have pirate, mermaid, and treasure toppers on them. If you’d like to make these cupcakes for your own party, you can find the dessert toppers/picks on Etsy.

Pirate Themed Gifts

Pirate Pete has brought some items from his collection of merchandise to gift to his friends including a drawstring bag. You can find this drawstring bag and other Pirate Pete items on Redbubble.

Magical Fairy Compass

There will be party games, door prizes and lots of fun ways to spend the day. The grand prize for the day will be a special compass. Fairies’ compasses are extra special because they contain magic which help the fairies to receive special messages and find places much farther away that on a compass’s normal range. You can find a beautiful compass which can be personalized on Etsy.

Pirate Party Games

At the end of the party, there will also be a pinata that everyone can enjoy. The fairies filled theirs with Pirate Pete merchandise and candy. You can find a nautical themed pinata on Etsy that is filled with candy.

Thank you for coming to our pirate themed party to celebrate the upcoming launch of Pirate Pete and the Secret Fairy Treasure. We hope that you had a wonderful time. Please keep exploring our website for more fairy adventures and treasures.  You can also look for us on social media and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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