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Tommy Tinker Helps the Gnomes Plan for Valentine’s Day

Hello friends, welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m excited to share this week’s adventure with you. I’ve been helping the gnomes with their Valentine’s Day planning. We also call it Fairy Heart Day. Please continue reading to meet some magical gnomes and learn about what special activities they’re going to do to celebrate love.

You might enjoy watching this video about decorating your magical Valentine’s Day Tree.


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Scandinavian Gnomes

These Scandinavian gnomes are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many of them are even wearing hearts on their clothing. What are you going to wear this Valentine’s Day? Meet these gnomes on Etsy.

Valentine’s Gnome Couple

This sweet Valentine’s gnome couple is ready to exchange special homemade gifts for this special celebration of love. They have even dressed in similar buffalo plaid outfits. Meet them on Etsy.

Magical Garden Décor

Some of the gnomes are decorating their magical gardens with special gnome love flags for Valentine’s Day. You can find a beautiful flag on Etsy. We love the color and design.

Fun in the Garden Gnomes

Gnomes love gardening. Most of them come out to do their work after dark when most humans are asleep. Some of them are going to be making a special gift to their humans this Valentine’s Day. One gift idea is some fun garden gnome stakes. They’ll add a touch of décor to the garden and if a fairy dusts the metal gnomes with fairy dust, they can also keep an eye on the garden during the day while the gnomes are resting. Find these garden stakes on Etsy.

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Magical Gnome Wreath

Another magical décor idea that the gnomes have is to decorate their homes with Valentine’s Day wreaths. We particularly love the one that is pictured above because it has lots of beautiful sayings and colors to it. There is also a gnome on the wreath. Learn more about this wreath on Etsy.

Delicious Valentine’s Cake

Every Valentine’s Day celebration needs special sweets. This cake with a gnome on it and the word love and the beautiful piping work is going to be delicious. You can find your magical cake on Etsy.

Flower Gifting Gnome

This gnome has chosen to give their love a Valentine’s Day gift. He is giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He got up early to head to the meadow to pick them himself. Meet him on Etsy.

Downloadable Gnome Banner

Banners are another wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day décor. We found a fun gnome-themed banner on Etsy. This is a digital download that you’ll put together yourself so it also doubles as a craft that your family can do together.

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Tommy Tinker Store. On behalf of myself and all the gnomes, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day / Fairy Heart Day. I hope you’ll come back to join us for another magical adventure next week.

Before you go for today, please check out all the special offers below and watch this magical video about fantastic fairy doors for Valentine’s Day.


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