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Tommy Tinker Helps Select Plants for the Palace Garden

Tommy Tinker Helps Select Plants for the Palace Garden

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. We’re so glad that you could join us. I’m Tommy Tinker and today I’ll be showing you some of the amazing flowers and floral décor which I’ve selected for the palace garden where my friends King Henry and Queen Olivia live.

Are you gardening this 4th of July weekend? Creating fairy gardens is especially fun. Did you know that my friend Teelie Turner has created a stunning downloadable instant fairy gardening featuring Patriotic Patsy? Learn more in this stunning video.


1. Magical Topiaries
Lighted Spring Topiaries
2. Garden Art
Boxwood Dog or Cat with 4 Seasonal Collars
3. Wildflower Garden Bed
Wildflower Fairy Garden-bed - fairy garden, miniature plants, dollhouse garden, miniature flowers, one of a kind, handmade, floral craft
4. Snapdragon Seeds
Snapdragon Flower Seeds , Linaria Maroccana Snapdragon Fairy Bouquet Flower Seeds,"COOL BEANS N sprouts" Brand. Home Gardening


Magical Topiaries

The Lakeside Collection currently has some magical lighted topiaries available on clearance. I thought these were so beautiful looking with the butterflies and stunning bright colored flowers. I’m going to put some of these in several of the palace gardens to create an enchanted feel.

Garden Art

I really like garden art and came across these boxwoods that look like dogs and cats. They each have four collars that come with them – one for each season so that we can change them. These adorable garden pets are made from plastic and foam, and they look incredible. Find them on The Lakeside Collection.

Wildflower Garden Bed

Wildflowers are so magical because they were left by flower fairies in meadows and fields and have grown with a little help from Mother Nature. You can find an incredible wildflower garden bed that includes several natural elements on Etsy.

Snapdragon Seeds

I love planting seeds and then watering them and watching them sprout. You can find some of the same stunning snapdragon seeds that I’m using in the palace garden on Etsy. They are the Linaria Maroccana variety.

1. Adorable Succulents
Miniature fairy garden real LIVE sedum succulent plants in terra cotta clay pots 1.75 inch tall
2. Floral Glass Fairy Stakes
Flower Handmade Lampwork Glass Fairy Garden Miniature Plant Stake
3. Beautiful Marigolds
Miniature 12 Marigold flower in the wooden planter 1:12 dollhouse fairy cat garden 1 inch scale
4. Miniature Flowers
DatingDay 15 Pcs Tiny Miniature Flower Moss Bonsai DIY Crafts Fairy Garden Landscape Decor (Random Color)

Adorable Succulents

Succulents look great in many different kinds of gardens, including fairy gardens. I’ll be using some of these adorable sedum plants in terra cotta clay pots that I found. You can get live plants on Etsy. Shipping is only available in the United States.

Floral Glass Fairy Stakes

I also came across some adorable handmade lampwork glass flower stakes. They look great in the garden and can be used for marking where you’ve planted certain plants or as decorative accents. Find them on Etsy.

Beautiful Marigolds

Marigolds are so bright and cheerful looking that they are a must in the palace gardens. Queen Olivia will especially love looking at these flowers. You can find some marigolds in a wooden planter box on Etsy. There are several color choices available.

Miniature Flowers

We also found some adorable miniature flowers and what we love about them is the surprise as they come in random colors, most of which are bright and sure to catch your attention once they’re in your garden. Find them on Amazon.

 Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. Please continue to browse and explore as we have a lot happening in Fairy Land. On behalf of the incredible team who helps me put together these notes for you, Happy 4th of July weekend.

If you’d like to create a red, white, and blue fairy garden we have some suggestions for you in our video.


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