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Tommy Tinker Helps Garden at The Palace

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Tommy Tinker Helps Garden at The Palace

Hello Friends. I’m Tommy Tinker and I have another amazing adventure planned for us today. I’m going to be helping King Henry and Queen Olivia with their garden at the palace. I’ll be helping to garden and set up some adorable showpieces. After you’ve  had this adventure with me, I hope that you’ll stay in Fairy Land and continue browsing Tommy Tinker’s Store for more information on this magical place and other fairy news.

1. A Royal Scene
Fairy Garden Sunflower Fairy Scene, Miniature, Dollhouse, Brown Bench, Frog, Sunflower Bird Bath, Yellow Bird, Flowers, Jewels, Crown, Wand
2. Rebuilding the Paths
Fairy Garden Path with flower bed, Miniature Path, Dollhouse path, Flower pat, Fairy pathway, miniature garden, fairy accessories
3. Having All the Right Tools
Miniature Dollhouse Rustic Potting Cart With Yellow and Red Flowers - One Inch Scale - Miniature Flowers - Miniature Garden - Fairy Garden
4. Flower Centerpieces
Dollhouse Miniature Flower In Teacup 12th Scale Miniature Teacup Flower Fairy Garden Miniature Flower

A Royal Scene

The first item that I’d like to show you on this adorable adventure is a miniature fairy garden scene that Queen Olivia has in her garden. It is perfect for a King and Queen because it includes a crown, jewels, a wand, a frog, a bench, a bird, and a sunflower bird bath.  More details can be found on Etsy.

Rebuilding the Paths

I will also be rebuilding several paths in the palace garden so that it is easier to walk through the garden. I’m going to use an artistic design for the path. I’m glad that I have access to fairy dust to help me with this job. You can find a pathway on Etsy for your own miniature fairy garden.

Having All the Right Tools

When a gardener or a Tinkerer Fairy like me has access to all of the right tools, it makes the job that much easier. I’m glad to have an amazing potting cart that has everything I need to re-pot some plants. This miniature potting cart is also available on Etsy for your own fairy garden.

Flower Centerpieces

I will also be surprising Queen Olivia with a floral centerpiece. She loves to have tea on her back porch or in her solarium. The centerpiece that I have created has adorable purple flowers in them. I’m not sure of their name but Queen Olivia will know. The flower will then sit in an adorable teacup. It is simple but elegant. You can find a replica for your own fairy garden on Etsy.

1. Princess Fairy Garden Figurine
Fairy Miniature Little Princess Pink Small Girl Flower , Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories DIY Miniature Garden
2. Beautiful Flowers
Miniature Mix Clay Flower in Vase, Dollhouse Flower Vase, Miniature Clay Flower, Miniature Flower Vase, Ceramic Vase
3. Enchanting Garden Ornaments
Aluminium Metal Fairy silhouette moon garden stake Ornament
4. Artistic Row Markers
Garden Stakes Metal Home Decoration Indoor Outdoor Yard Signs Custom Gift Spring Summer Plants Vegetables Fruit Flowers Herbs Made to Order

Princess Fairy Garden Figurine

I found a cute princess fairy figurine and will be adding it to the royal garden as part of a surprise for the King and Queen. You can have this figurine in your garden too. It can be found on Etsy.

Beautiful Flowers

The garden at the palace is filled with hundreds of beautiful and vibrant flowers. I love their scent and seeing the birds and butterflies flying among them as I work. You can find some flowers for your own fairy garden on Etsy.

Enchanting Garden Ornaments

Adding extra magic to the garden is also exciting. One way that I’ll be doing that is by adding an aluminum metal fairy that is on a garden stake to the garden. It is enchanting and beautiful. You can find one on Etsy.

Artistic Row Markers

I also found some artistic looking row markers for the vegetable garden at the palace. The artist who makes them does custom orders so that the wording fits what you’re planting. You can see them on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me at the palace today. I enjoyed our visit. I’ll plan another wonderful adventure for us for next week. In the meantime, please keep visiting us at Tommy Tinker’s Store to stay up to date on all our fairy news.

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