Tommy Tinker Helps Find a Fairy Pet Dads Will Love

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Fairy Pets for Dad

Hello Friends and welcome back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I am so excited for this week’s adventure. That’s because I’m going to introduce you to some pets which will be great for dads. With Father’s Day approaching, your dad might be thinking about finding himself a pet. There are some amazing magical ones that can be found around Fairy Land. Pet themed fairy gardens can also be a lot of fun, especially if your dad likes our magical pets but it isn’t feasible for him to own one. For example, it would be unlikely that he could keep a dragon in his apartment. As I share these eight amazing pets with you, consider making them into a fairy garden. Maybe you could give your dad these ideas and you could create a magical fairy garden with him. Another idea would be to gift him items that go in a fairy garden so that he is ready to start his magical project.

1. Rabbits
Sweet Bunnies On A Boat Trip, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Fairy, Fairies, Bunnies, Boat, Cute Bunnies, Green Leaf Boat
2. Dogs
Stone Figure Maltese Havanese Puppy Frostfest Garden Figure Deco Weatherproof Outdoor Statue
3. Owls
4pcs Owl Miniature Bird Figurine, Tiny Birds , Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories Animals
4. Dragons and Ladybugs
Miniature Orange Fire Dragon Figurine ~ Fairy Garden Accessories


Rabbits make a great magical pet. They are also a pet that a human can easily have. In Fairy Land, rabbits have a lot of responsibilities including helping with the annual Easter preparations, checking in on fairy friends in our forests and giving their paw of approval to some amazing gardening projects. Rabbits are especially fond of carrots. You can find an adorable figurine of some rabbits on a boat trip on Etsy.


Dogs are also wonderful pets for fairies and humans. They come with so many personalities, and in so many sizes and breeds, that the perfect one for a dad is out there. There are many amazing fairy garden statues of dogs including the one that our fairy merchants found of a Maltese Havanese puppy on Etsy.


Owls are incredible pets in Fairy Land. The owls love to be helpful. I have a few that live near me and we often have wonderful visits together. I actually had the opportunity to help a mother owl lately, but that is a story for another time. You can find four miniature owl figurines on Etsy that would be perfect for a fairy garden.

Dragons and Ladybugs

Many fairies in Fairy Land have dragons. A few also have ladybugs, especially in their gardens. Dragons are known for their helpful qualities and their big hearts. The fairy merchants found an adorable orange dragon figurine that has a ladybug perched on its tail on Etsy.

1. Frogs
Miniature Frog Set
2. Hedgehogs
The Hedgehogs Have Arrived, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Fairy, Fairies, Brown, Cute Faces, Adorable, Fairy Pets
3. Turtles
Fairy Garden Adorable Turtles, Fairy Garden, Fairy Pets, Miniature, Dollhouse, Ceramic Turtles, Brown, Black Shells, Cute Turtles
4. Chickens
Mama Chicken With Her Baby Chicks, Miniature Chickens, Baby Chicks, Miniature Egg, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Farm Fairy Garden, Nest


Frogs are another magical fairy pet that your dad might love. Frogs speak a very unique language. Some of them can communicate that language to fairies who translate their messages. Frogs are best suited to dads who love to go swimming, fishing or spend time around water. Frogs also enjoy a water feature in some gardens. You can find some adorable frog figurines on Etsy.


Hedgehogs are very helpful in Fairy Land. They often use their bristles, which are sometimes referred to as pins or needles to put up notices on bulletin boards and to scrub things clean. Some hedgehogs also love to polish shoes. Hedgehogs can also be a pet in the human world, although they have  very specific care instructions. You can find some adorable hedgehogs for your fairy garden on Etsy.


Turtles can be found in Fairy Land as well as in the human world. Turtles have a calming presence in Fairy Land. Since they are slow moving, they can often encourage us to not flap our wings so hard and to reduce our pace so that we don’t miss out on enjoying life’s beautiful moments. You can find a turtle figurine for your fairy garden on Etsy.


The final magical pet that I would like to share with you today are chickens. They are also a fantastic pet for humans. A bonus is that they help to provide you with eggs which can be used for your breakfast or baked into delicious treats like cakes. You can find  figurines of a mother chicken and her chicks on Etsy. There is one secret that the chickens in Fairy Land will never tell you and it is the answer to something that people have been asking for years – what came first the chicken or the egg?

Thank you for joining me on today’s amazing adventure. Please continue to browse through the Tommy Tinker Store for more fun. If you are considering getting a real-life pet and not just one that will look amazing in your fairy garden, make sure that you understand the care and requirements of that pet since  they are a commitment. You can also look for us on social media and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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