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Tommy Tinker Enjoys Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day in Fairy Land

My name is Tommy Tinker I am really excited for this week’s adventure. We’re going to celebrate cow appreciation day which takes place on July 15th. On our journey, I’m going to show you some adorable fairy garden items as well as toys and décor featuring cows. We’ll also look at some other reasons why we should appreciate cows. My friend Farmer Jonathan will soon be featured in an upcoming Teelie Turner book.  He has an amazing farm and you’re going to love getting to know him. I would also like to invite you to continue visiting Tommy Tinker’s Store for lots more fun.

Cow appreciation day fairy garden
1. Holstein Cows
Set of 3pcs Fairy Garden Miniature Milk Cow, Miniature Cow, Fairy Garden Animal, Mini Cow Figurines, Miniature Farm Animal,Miniature Animal
2. Cow and Her Friends
Duck Cow Dog Sheep House Miniature Figures Animal Figurine decoration Fairy garden Birthday Cake Car cartoon statue resin craft
3. A Barnyard Adventure
Old MacDonald's Farm Animals Cow Horse Pig Hen Donkey Sheep- Buy set or One - French Feve Feves Mini Figurine Dollhouse Miniature A66
4. A Farmer and His Animals
10pcs Farm farmer horse cow duck piglet goat figures terrarium resin craft fairy garden miniatures dollhouse Jardin

DIY Farm Fairy Garden

Allow your imagination to come alive as you plan a cow or farm themed fairy garden. Since we’re celebrating cow appreciation day, we’re going to be concentrating on them. But our ideas can be adapted to the animals of your choice.

Holstein Cows

 These adorable Holstein cows would look great in your fairy garden. They come in packages of three, but if you’d like a larger herd you could get more or choose some other models. These are available on Etsy.

Cow and Her Friends

These adorable fairy garden figurines come in an assortment of animals and are sold separately. For a cow themed fairy garden, you need at least one of those. But you could also choose other animals to be their friends. Each animal comes with its own miniature barn. You can find them on Etsy.

A Barnyard Adventure

These Old MacDonald’s Farm animals come separately or in a set and would look adorable in a barnyard adventure fairy garden. The animals might not talk when you’re there but when the fairies are around, they have magical abilities that allow them to understand what they are saying. Find them on Etsy.

A Farmer and His Animals

Would you like your cow or farm themed fairy garden to feature an assortment of animals and the farmer too? You can find a ten-piece set on Etsy that includes the animals and their farmer caretaker.

The fairies celebrate cow appreciation day
1. Play Time with Calves
Simulation mini milk Cow Cattle Bull Calf plastic Ox animal model figurine toy figures
2. Vintage Cow Planter
Vintage cow planter, VTG beautiful cow kitchen decor, Vintage Floral Cow Planter
3. Highland Cow Wall Décor
Highland Cow Wall Art, Hairy Coo, Highland Cow Head, Tete Vache Metal, Scotland Highland Cow Metal, Highland Cattle, Scottish Coo
4. Original Art
Highland Cow Painting, Original Art, Prints and Framed Prints, Claire Kirkpatrick

Toys and Décor Featuring Cows

Play Time with Calves

Appreciation of cows and calves can start at a young age. If you don’t have real animals available to enjoy, this set of plastic bovines would be a great choice for children aged three and up. Various models are available on Etsy.

Vintage Cow Planter

Our fairy merchants located a vintage cow planter that would make a great decoration for your porch or interior of your home. See it on Etsy.

Highland Cow Wall Décor

This highland cow is asking to be adored and makes a wonderful indoor or outdoor decoration for your wall. Various finishes and colors are available, some of which will protect it for the outside of your home. It is made out of metal and can be found on Etsy.

Original Art

Artist Claire Kirkpatrick has an assortment of sizes and options available for prints and framed prints on her Etsy store. We found this cow delightful and know that many people are enjoying its beauty. You can too.

Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day with the Fairies
1. Cheese Platters
Miniature Cheese platter in Hitty scale (choice of two platters)
2. Magical Miniature Milk Bottles
Miniature Milk Bottles, Fairy Accessories, Miniature Dairy, Miniature Food
3. Delightful Fairy Ice Cream
Miniature Blueberry Ice Cream, Miniature Sweet, Dollhouse Food, Miniature Ice, Ice cream, miniature fruit, Dollhouse Ice cream, Strawberries
4. Hot Chocolate in an Adorable Mug
Black Cat Deluxe Hot Chocolate Drink Miniature - Dolls House Miniature Food - Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale

Dairy Products

Another reason to celebrate this cow appreciation day is because of all the delicious foods that cows help to produce with their milk. Here are four adorable items for your fairy garden or dollhouse that feature dairy.

Cheese Platters

These adorable cheese platters feature an assortment of cheeses, grapes, meats, breads, crackers, and pickles. There are two platters available. Full details are available on Etsy. The fairies will be so happy to have these in their midst. And, you could create an edible platter of your own as a celebration for cow appreciation day too.

Magical Miniature Milk Bottles

Cows are great milk producers and the fairies love so many delicious treats that feature milk, including a nice cold glass of it. These miniature milk bottles are how fairies get their milk delivered to them. There’s also a rumor that some bottles have had a magical spell put on them but at this time I’m not able to confirm that. You can find these miniature milk bottles on Etsy.

Delightful Fairy Ice Cream

The fairies love having ice cream. There are so many different varieties available. I like trying a new variety every time that I go to an ice cream shoppe. My choice for today is blueberry and has some strawberries and a little wafer with it. You can find a miniature replica on Etsy.

  1. Black Cat Deluxe Hot Chocolate Drink Miniature – Dolls House Miniature Food – Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale

Hot Chocolate in an Adorable Mug

Fairies also love having hot chocolate and not just in the wintertime when it is cool outside. While hot chocolate can be made with water, our fairies prefer to have theirs with milk as it gives a richer and creamier flavor. I’m having a cup in an adorable cat mug. You can find a replica for your fairy friends on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure to celebration cow appreciation day. On my way home, I’m going to stop by Farmer Jonathan’s for a visit. He promised me that his cow would love to have some extra petting. I’m looking forward to it.  Also, please continue to visit Tommy Tinker’s Store for more exciting adventures.

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