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Tommy Tinker Chooses Beautiful Plants For His Garden

Cover image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

 Tommy Tinker has a great week planned in the Magical Fairy Kingdom. This week he’s going to be choosing plants for this garden. Queen Olivia made a short video to share with you to tell you about this week’s adventure with Tommy.


augshy 24 pack artificial succulent plants

Augshy 24 Pack Artificial Succulent Plants Unpotted Mini Fake Succulents Plant for Lotus Landscape Decorative Garden Arrangement

Lotus Plants

These beautiful lotus plants could be one option that Tommy Tinker decides to use for his garden. Succulents always look beautiful in a fairy garden especially when they’re surrounded by gorgeous miniatures. Learn more here.

tiita artificial faux succulents in pots fake plants

Tiita Artificial Faux Succulents in Pots Fake Plants Ceramic Arrangement Planter Small Mini Tiny Decoration for Home Office Desk Window Sill Bathroom Bedroom Outdoor Indoor 12 Set

Little Potted Plants

This amazing assortment of potted plants could add some magic to Tommy Tinker’s windowsills. These succulents are small and cute. They’re sure to bring Tommy lots of joy if he picks them. Learn more here.

artificial potted flowers fake potted plants

Artificial Potted Flowers Fake Potted Plants Plastic Artificial Flowers for Home Decor Indoor Small Faux Plants in Pots for Wedding Home Desk Tabletop Outdoor Office Kitchen (Lovely Style, 8 Pcs)

Vivid Plants

This assortment of potted plants is filled with vivid colors. They can bring joy and brightness to anyone’s day. Tommy Tinker loves how many different varieties of plants are available too. Learn more here.

qianyun fake flowers pansy small wild

QIANYUN Fake Flowers Pansy Small Wild Flower Daisy 6 Bundles Faux Plastic Purple Flowers for Home Wedding Kitchen Garden Table Centerpieces Indoor Outdoor Decor (Mixed Color)

Smiling Flowers

This mixture of pansies comes in different colors. Something special about pansies is that they always look like they’re smiling. These will look great planted at Tommy’s cottage if he decides to pick them. With so many options and limited space, he is having some trouble deciding. That’s why he’s asked for your help. Learn more here.

6 bundles multicolor artificial tulips flowers

WISTART 6 Bundles Multicolor Artificial Tulips Flowers Outdoor UV Resistant Fake Faux Plastic Greenery Shrubs Plants for Home Outside Porch Window Garden Décor

Bright Tulips

These bright tulips are joyful. They’re also a great plant to choose for your garden as the bulbs will come up year after year. They also have amazing color choices. Learn more here.

10 bundles artificial fake daisy flowers

10 Bundles Artificial Fake Daisy Flowers for Outdoor Decoration, UV Resistant Faux Plastic Fabric Greenery Shrubs Plants Fake Chrysanthemum Hanging Planter Kitchen Home Wedding Office Garden Décor

Sunny Bouquets

Choosing these amazing flowers that are incredible sunflowers would allow Tommy to have beautiful and fragrant bouquets in his home once they grow and blossom. This way he can enjoy the magic of his plants both inside and outside his cottage. Learn more here.

artificial flowers outdoor plastic plants

Artificial Flowers Outdoor Plastic Plants – 12 Bundles Outside Face Mums Fake Greenery UV Resistant No Fade Faux Shrubs

Incredible Displays

Creating incredible displays with plants can help to show off how beautiful they are. These lovely mums are showcased in a basket. There is definitely a wow about them. Tommy Tinker will definitely have to think about which plants he wants for his garden this year. Learn more here.

8 bundles artificial flowers lifelike no fade uv resistant

TEMCHY 8 Bundles Artificial Flowers Lifelike No Fade UV Resistant Fake Plastic Flowers Faux Plants

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching colors in a flower garden can be a great way to create a floral display that has the wow factor. These flowers are beautiful, and Tommy likes the way the colors complement each other. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker is looking forward to your comments and hearing what you think he should plant for flowers in his garden. There are so many beautiful options out there for a magical garden that can bring some enchantment to Tommy’s surroundings.

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