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Tommy Tinker Celebrates Christmas in July

I’m Tommy Tinker and I am extremely excited that we get to celebrate Christmas in July. My friends and I are looking forward to sharing our celebrations with you. My friend Bubba the Head Candy Taster is also an extremely talented baker, and he is coming up with numerous delicious treats for all our holiday parties including some at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace.

Christmas market

Fairy Christmas Market DIY Guide

Fairy Christmas Market DIY Guide

Teelie’s Fairy Garden came up with this enchanted Fairy Christmas Market DIY Guide that is so magical and enchanting. You can receive a copy for free here. The Wee Folk are getting ready for Christmas, and they want to help you create your own amazing fairy garden. They have many magical holiday subjects to share with you including Christmas markets, outdoor winter activities, and fantastic carnival treats. This will help you have some ideas about how we celebrate Christmas in Fairy Land.


Teelie’s Fairy Garden Christmas

Magical Accessories for a Christmas Fairy Garden

Teelie’s Fairy Garden has also put together several enchanted blog posts about our enchanted Fairy Land Christmas celebrations. There are several magical miniatures that can give you ideas about creating your own holiday celebration for your fairy friends. Even the garden fairies will be making a special trip to the castle to celebrate with King Henry and Queen Olivia. Read more here.

fairy garden

Garden Sparkle on Pinterest Christmas Fairy Garden

A Visit from Santa Fairy Garden

One of the events that I look forward to each Christmas in July season is another opportunity to see Santa Claus. He’ll be visiting Fairy Land and handing out candy canes and little gifts to all the fairies. Garden Sparkle on Pinterest posted the amazing photo above. Learn more here.

Christmas fairy garden

Holiday Gnome Inspiration

Splendid Christmas Décor

We will also be putting up decorations all over Fairy Land and as the Fairy Tinkerer, I’ll be called upon to help decorate trees, yards, parks, and anywhere that needs a touch of magic. We have many adorable decorations featuring gnomes in our attic. You can find some of them at Hellognomedecor.com here.

Christmas fairy

Miniature Holly Leaf Fairy Toddler in Santa Hat ~ Christmas Fairy Garden Figurines ~ Holiday Home, Garden or Party Décor

Magical Times with Friends

Christmas is also an excellent time to be with our friends. The children especially love to get together and talk about their Christmas wishes. This miniature fairy child from TinkerTreasuresMinis on Etsy is wearing its finest Christmas clothing. They will enjoy games, treats, and caroling with us at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace. Learn more here.

Thank you again for spending time with me, Tommy Tinker, and all my friends. I love how festive this time of year is. Christmas in July is amazing because it means we get to celebrate one of my favorite holidays twice in one year. The only difference is that in July, we have to use fairy magic to create the snow.

We have this magical Christmas video that features many amazing miniatures which you might also enjoy.


There are also several delightful treats and fairy garden accessories that you might want to have for your fairy friends’ magical Christmas fairy garden.

Oh Christmas Tree Cupcakes, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Green Tree, Fairy Food, Fairy Cupcake, Miniature Cupcake, Red, Green

1 Red Or White Macaroons, 3 Christmas CandyMiniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Red and White Sprinkles, Christmas Cookies, White Cookies

Fairy Garden Christmas Tree, Set of 3 Green and White Christmas Trees, Fairies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Green, White, Christmas Fairy Garden

Christmas Figurine Set (7pc) – Christmas Village – Christmas Decorations – Fairy Garden – Miniature Decorations – Xmas – Christmas Craft

Tiny Christmas Tree, Miniature Garden, Holiday Decor

Miniature Arch and Gate w/ Christmas Lights ~ Winter Fairy Garden Accessories & Supplies ~ Holiday Dollhouse Minis

What to Gift Your Fairy This Christmas

Discover Teelie Turner’s magical collection of books here. 

Enjoy a magical book trailer.


Visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy page here. 

Several magical fairy catalogs and guides are available as a free download. Learn more about them here. 

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