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Tommy Tinker Assists In Planning A Wonderful Christmas Party

Join Tommy Tinker on this week`s magical adventure as he assists in the planning for a wonderful Fairy Land Christmas party. Magic is in the air and Tommy Tinker is ready to enjoy the fun and sugar rush that planning this party will give him.

You might also enjoy this cute fairy video from my friend Teelie Turner’s Etsy Store.


Melting Snowman Cupcakes And Tiny Snowmen Cupcakes, Fairy Garden, Christmas, Dollhouse, Blue, Fairy Food, Carrot Nose, Yummy Cupcakes

Fabulous Sweets

It wouldn’t be a fairy celebration without some sort of magical and delicious sweets. There will be an entire buffet table dedicated to delightful treats at the Christmas party that I’m helping to plan. One of the sweets I’ve chosen are cupcakes. They look like snowmen are melting off the top of the cupcake. They’re absolutely stunning. Learn more here.

Amazing Ceramic Christmas Mugs, Miniature, Santa, Snowman, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, red, Green Candy Cane, Peppermint Candy, Plaid Mugs

Cups of Hot Cocoa

There will also be cups of hot cocoa ready for all the guests at the Christmas party. In addition to your regular hot cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream, we’ll also have some peppermint sticks that can be stirred into the cocoa if anyone wants to add some mint flavoring. See our adorable cups of cocoa here.

Fairy Garden Christmas Tree, Set of 3 Green and White Christmas Trees, Fairies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Green, White, Christmas Fairy Garden

Fabulous Christmas Trees

There will be numerous Christmas trees decorating King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace this holiday season. For the party, most of them won’t be decorated yet. Instead, we’ll invite some of our fairy guests to add the ornaments, garlands, and lights. There will also be a few that I’ll sprinkle fairy dust over at random times to surprise our visitors. See some adorable miniature trees here.

Welcome to the North Pole with and adorable Penguin and Sweet Deer, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Sign, Miniature, Red, Snowballs, Santa Hat

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Christmas parties need to have a welcoming atmosphere. At our party, we have added some fun elements to make everyone feel welcome and at ease including a cute Christmas sign that says, ‘Welcome to the North Pole,’ and a penguin and deer to greet all the fairies in attendance. Everyone is going to love having photos taken with them. Learn more here.

Miniature Santa’s Workshop Door for Holiday Fairy Garden, Christmas figurines for Office, Home Decor, Winter Season Door for Dollhouse

Magical Fairy Door

The guests at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s Christmas party will enter through a magical fairy door that looks like Santa’s workshop. It will add some enchantment to the arrival of the guests at the party. The theme of the celebration is Christmas with Santa. I know that my friend Fairy Merry will be especially excited about this. Find the magical door here and see Fairy Merry’s book trailer below.


Shiny Christmas Fairy Figurine, Miniatures for Holiday Fairy Garden, Seasonal Office, Classroom, or Indoor Home Decor, Christmas Dollhouse

Fairy Friends

It wouldn’t be a party, if we didn’t have fairies from throughout the Fairy Kingdom attending the party. It is always so much fun for us fairies to get together and share our experiences and catch up. We lead very busy lives and sometimes don’t get as much time as we’d like to visit each other. Meet one of my fairy friends here.

Christmas Twig Style Bench with “Merry Christmas” Sign, Snowman, Tiny Tree and Packages, Glitter Snow Effect, Miniature Fairy Garden Bench

Gorgeous Decorations

The castle will be decorated exquisitely with gorgeous decorations to celebrate this Christmas. We love the set up on this twig style bench. There is a ‘Merry Christmas sign,’ a snowman, a tiny tree, and packages as well as a glittery snow effect. It is extremely enchanted, and I can’t wait for the party, so all the fairies can see it. Learn more here.

Juniper Fairy Ornament, Felt and Wooden Fairy Decoration, Gifts for Winter – Christmas – Stockings – Fairy Lovers – Gardeners – New Babies

Majestic Party Favors

Each fairy who attends the party will not leave empty handed. They’ll be given a special ornament. Here is one that I’ve chosen for the goody bags. It is a Juniper fairy ornament that is made out of felt. Learn more here.

I hope that you enjoyed planning this wonderful Christmas party with me. I can’t wait for my friends to be able to come to this holiday celebration. Please come back and visit me on my website, The Tommy Tinker Store soon.

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