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Tommy Tinker And The Unusual Epic Pirate Adventure

Pirate Pete  was called upon by King Neptune to help him with another incredible and unique epic adventure. Pirate Pete was glad that he had great friends back in the Fairy Kingdom like Tommy Tinker to help him out along the way because one of his pirate brothers was an unruly pirate who wanted to steal the gifts meant for Princess Pearl and Prince Raphael’s wedding.

The Adventures of Pirate Pete: The Mermaid Wedding

Read the epic tale of The Adventures of Pirate Pete: The Mermaid Wedding. While you won’t find Tommy Tinker’s name in this story, it is important to know that Tommy Tinker is behind much of the magic that happens in the Fairy Kingdom as he is a great assistant to both King Henry and Queen Olivia. King Neptune is the ruler beneath the sea, and it is his daughter Princess Pearl who is marrying in this enchanted tale. Learn more here.

The Adventures of Pirate Pete~ The Mermaid Wedding-Meet Pete Lightweight Sweatshirt

Wearing clothing from the Pirate Pete collection can help Pirate Pete know that you believe in the power of his magic as he works to succeed under the sea. This is the lightweight sweatshirt that is available in several sizes and colors. Learn more here.

The Adventures of Pirate Pete~ The Mermaid Wedding-Meet Pete Pet Bandana

Even pets can show their support of Pirate Pete and his important under the sea missions. Pictured above is Pirate Pete on a pet bandana. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure’s Ship Bathmat

Do you think the fairies and mermaids use bathmats under the sea since everything is always covered in water? It is one of the ocean’s secrets that we might never know. Learn about one of the Pirate Pete bathmat designs here.

Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure’s Ship Sticker

With glossy, matte, and transparent sticker options as well as a variety of sizes, you can show Pirate Pete your support by creating fun crafts or scrapbooking with him along his journey. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure’s Book Pet Mat

Pirates also have pets but most of the time they aren’t a cat or dog. Usually, it is a parrot that will join a pirate or pirate fairy on the salty seas. Do you think that some of the same products that work for your pet can be good for a parrot such as a mat? We think it could be great since parrots on ships likely don’t spend much time in their cage and the food and water they consume could get messy on a ship if they don’t have a mat to catch the drips and crumbs. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete’s Christmas Ball Ornament

Whenever Tommy Tinker decorates at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace for Christmas or Christmas in July, he tries to ensure that there is a bit of Pirate Pete’s magic around, such as with his amazing Christmas ball ornaments. Learn more here.

Pirate Pete’s Stuffed Animals with Tee

Pirate Pete also has a brand-new collection of stuffed animals wearing pirate t-shirts which Tommy Tinker is excited to share with you. They’re soft and adorable. Pictured above is the lion, but there is also a bear, bunny, jaguar, lion, panda, and sheep. T-shirts come in blue or pink. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker hopes that you’ve enjoyed coming along on this incredible adventure. Please join us again soon for more adventures on our website and social media pages.

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