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Tommy Tinker And The Remarkably Magical And Enchanted Dragons

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Enjoy this week’s magical blog post with Tommy Tinker and eight incredible dragons. Tommy has to hand-pick the dragons to be sure that each one can do the job that he needs them to. Otherwise, the event won’t go as Tommy and everyone in Fairy Land hopes. Enjoy this magical dragon video.


cold cast resin purple and pink baby dragon figurine

YTC 3.75 Inch Cold Cast Resin Purple and Pink Baby Dragon Figurine

Amazing Purple Dragon

Tommy Tinker chose this purple dragon because of its unique color and its strength. It’s going to be one of the many amazing surprises that children and adults alike in Fairy Land will need to be on the lookout for during a scavenger hunt. Learn more here.

dragon statue mini dragon figurine

KEEPKAP Dragon Figurine, Home Decor, Cute Ornaments, Animal Garden Statue for Micro Landscape (Dragon on Skateboard)

Adorable Blue Dragon

This adorable blue dragon rides around on a skateboard. This unique quality is one of the reasons that Tommy Tinker asked him to be part of a magical Fairy Land festival. Tommy needs someone who has great agility to zip around the site and keep an eye on things to make sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. Learn more here.

top collection rex the green dragon

Top Collection Rex The Green Dragon – Mini Collectible Fantasy Figurine (Crystal Orb)

Fantastic Green Dragon

This fantastic green dragon has been chosen to run a fortune-telling booth at the festival. It will use its magical crystal orb to help visitors gain some insight into the future. Learn more here.

fimofidre dragon statue fairy garden

CYNOR Miniature Fairy Garden Figurines Outdoor Statues Terrarium Dragon Holding Flowers Decor Housewarming Gift for Patio Lawn Yard

Magnificent Blue Dragon

This magnificent blue dragon has an amazing bouquet of flowers in its hand. Tommy Tinker has asked it to help distribute prizes at the festival. The dragon quickly agreed and is looking forward to the magical celebration that is being organized in the Fairy Kingdom. Learn more here.

top collection miniature fairy garden1

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Mini Red Dragon Roaring Figurine

Enchanted Red Dragon

This enchanted red dragon is going to use its fire-breathing skills to help keep the campfires and barbecues running at just the right temperature throughout the festival. This way participants can enjoy grilled hamburgers, smores, and lots of other amazing summer treats. Learn more here.

fairy garden dragon miniature figurines

Aclema Fairy Garden Dragon Miniature Figurines Reading Book Resin Decor Collections for Terrarium Micro Landscape

Cute Green Dragon

This book-loving green dragon is going to join Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy during the festival to share lots of incredible Teelie Turner stories with the children in attendance. Learn more here.

fimofidre dragon statue fairy garden figurines for adults

CYNOR Dragon Statue Fairy Garden Figurines for Adults Resin Home Decor Tiny Terrarium Cute Carrying Baby Ornaments

Lovely Pink Dragon

This lovely pink dragon that is carrying a baby dragon in a carrier is going to be looking after organizing the children’s activities during the festival. With her own personal experiences with baby dragons, she’s bound to think up some great events for the children. Learn more here.

esterno baby dragon garden

Esterno Baby Dragon Garden Statue (9-Inch); Hatching Dragon Yard Décor

Fascinating Grey Dragon

This grey dragon loves carrying around a welcome sign. That’s why it will be the official greeter for the festival. It will ensure everyone feels welcomed and knows where to find everything they’re looking for like food or games. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker is curious to know what you think about the dragons that he selected. Reach out to him by commenting below or on social media. Tommy and his fairy friends love to interact with the magical Fairy Kingdom.

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