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Tommy Tinker and the Magical Trip to the Zoo

Hello friends, I’m Tommy Tinker and I hope that you’re ready for an amazing adventure. This week we’re headed to visit the zoo. I’ll let you know about some of my favorite animals, and I’ll also fill you in on a few magical secrets about how visiting a zoo in Fairy Land is different than in the human world. My pet owl is also planning to fly along with us on this magical adventure.

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Which Direction to the Zoo?

At the entrance to the zoo is this magical sign, waiting to point us in the right direction to everything we want to see. The only problem is that we want to be able to see everything. Will it be bears, elephants, or monkeys first? You can also find a variation of this sign for your fairy garden by visiting Etsy.

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What Will We Discover Beyond the Arch?

You’ll see this archway throughout the magical Fairy Land zoo. What you’ll discover beyond the arch is always the mystery. Some of these arches even have secret components that hold fairy dust in them. If the fairy holds the right composition of fairy dust in their wings, it will be able to grant them access to some of the enchanted animal pens. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to visit a lion, koala bear, or giraffe. Find these archways on Etsy.

Elephant Holding up Flowers, Fairy Garden, Miniature Elephant, Mini Elephant

The Elephant That Loves Flowers

This adorable elephant is one of the magical animals that you’ll meet at the Fairy Land zoo. It loves to pick the flowers that are available in its enclosure. It even hangs up bouquets for visitors on the fence that surrounds its home. Meet this sweet elephant on Etsy.

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Where Are All the  Bears?

So far on my tour of the zoo, I have just seen these beautiful panda bears. They are so adorable and majestic. I’m looking forward to seeing koalas, polar bears, black bears, brown bears, and grizzlies later on our journey. Meet the pandas by visiting Etsy.

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Outside the Zebra Enclosure

Now I am flying around outside the zebra enclosure admiring these amazing black and white animals. They remind me a bit of horses which I absolutely love. If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you that I love most animals. Consider inviting some magical zebras to your fairy gardens by visiting Etsy.

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Meet the Large Wildcats

The last zoo animal that I’m going to reveal to you, for now, is a majestic wildcat. This lion cub is so adorable. Even though it is still a baby, it has an extremely loud roar that will remind you that it really does come from the wild. However, since these animals are so magical, it is possible for them to visit your fairy gardens. Learn more on Etsy.

I’m so glad that you were able to join me at the zoo. I hope we can go again another day to see even more magical sites from the zoo. Please continue to follow me on social media and visit my website. The Tommy Tinker Store has so much for you to enjoy.

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