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Tommy Tinker And The Beautiful Mermaid Adventure

Tommy Tinker just accepted a new mission. He’s going to be helping make eight mermaids’ wishes come true. Learn more as you continue to read this blog and in this beautiful video.


adorable sleeping little mermaids

Adorable Sleeping Little Mermaids, Fairy Garden Mermaid, Dollhouse, Miniature

Sleeping Mermaid

This magical sleeping mermaid’s wish is to be able to have a party for all of her friends in the bottom of the sea. The problem is that she often gets very sleepy after a short time and isn’t able to enjoy a full celebration. Tommy Tinker’s going to get some special fairy dust from another of his fairy friends so the mermaid can enjoy the full party. Learn more here.

annie the sweet mermaid

Annie The Sweet Mermaid, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature

A Sweet Mermaid

Annie the mermaid loves to play on the beach and collect seashells. Her wish is to be able to enjoy a magical picnic on the beach. Tommy Tinker is going to arrange for his friend Bubba to deliver a delicious picnic to the beach as Annie cannot leave the shore to go and get picnic food. And she cannot bring food from the sea because the underwater spell to make the food not be soggy doesn’t work on land. Learn more here.

mermaid miniature figurines

Mermaid Miniature Figurines – Set of 3 – for Fairy Garden or Terrarium

Sunbathing Mermaids

These mermaids are having an amazing time sunbathing on the beach. Their wish is to meet the fairy seamstress so that they can have amazing new wardrobes. They are going to be attending a magical sea wedding this summer and want to have something special to wear. Learn more here.

mermaid minature table

Mermaid Miniature Table and Chairs Plus Mermaid – Set of 4 – for Fairy Garden or Terrarium

Mermaid and her Furniture

This magical mermaid is enjoying time on the beach. She has a magical table and chairs. Her wish is to meet someone who lives a different life than her so that they can have an amazing afternoon conversing and sipping on lemonade or iced tea. Tommy Tinker has promised her that he’ll invite someone special to keep her company. Learn more here.

mermaid and shell

Mermaid and Shell Gazebo Miniatures – Set of 2 – for Fairy Garden or Terrarium

Mermaid and Shell Gazebo

This stunning mermaid is enjoying her shell gazebo on the beach. She loves being able to spend time on the beach and her gazebo protects her from the sun. Her wish is that someone would decorate her gazebo for the upcoming Christmas in July celebrations. Tommy Tinker arrives from the Fairy Kingdom with lights, and ornaments for the occasion. Learn more here.

top collection miniature fairy garden

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Little Mermaid on Rock Statue

Sunbathing Mermaid

This magical sunbathing mermaid’s wish is that a choir of birds will come and sing her songs while she rests. Tommy Tinker has promised to arrange this for her. He knows lots of birds who would be happy to make the mermaid’s wish come true. Learn more here.

miniature fairy garden mermaid and turtle

Miniature Fairy Garden Mermaid and Turtle

Mermaid Friends

This mermaid loves making friends with the sea life that lives on the water’s edge and visits her when she’s spending time on the beach or swimming in the ocean. She wants to get a special gift for her friend Turtle. Tommy Tinker has promised to help her come up with a great gift idea that the turtle will enjoy. Learn more here.

resin mermaid

2pcs Resin Mermaid Figure Fairy Garden Set Shiny Mermaids Figurine Fairy Figures Ocean Decor Figurines

Ocean Adventures

This pair of mermaids is enjoying time on the beach and have found some shells to comb their hair with. Their wish is to have an ocean adventure where they could ride on a dolphin’s back. Tommy Tinker is going to ask some of his friends who work with the marine life to help him arrange this. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker is so happy that he was able to make the mermaids’ wishes come true. Always believe in the magic of the Fairy Kingdom. Continue to visit our website and follow us on social media for more incredible adventures.

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