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Tommy Tinker and the Awesome Fairy Land Gnomes

Welcome back! Tommy Tinker has an amazing adventure for us to experience this week. He’s teamed up with some awesome Fairy Land gnomes and together they’re preparing the enchanted kingdom for autumn. Join him and the gnomes to find out what they’re doing to get ready for this incredible season.

We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.


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Magical Butterfly Gnomes

Gnomes from many different vocations have joined Tommy Tinker on this amazing adventure. The butterfly gnomes have joined him to come up with creative decorating ideas for throughout the Fairy Kingdom. They’re going to be adding autumn décor to all the outdoor spaces, the library, the school, and the castle. Learn more here.

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Enchanted Coffee Gnomes

These enchanted coffee gnomes are going to deliver delicious hot beverages to all the fairies and gnomes that are working hard decorating and helping bring the magic of autumn alive. Learn more here.

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Adorable Mushroom Gnomes

These little mushroom gnomes are busy adding décor to gardens throughout Fairy Land. They’re using lots of reds, oranges, yellows, and sparkly browns in their creative designs. Learn more here.

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Fun Dressed-Up Gnomes

These gnomes are so ready for Halloween that they’re already showing off their Halloween costumes. They’ve taken on the task of directing a fun Halloween play in the Fairy Land Park. We can’t wait to see it. Learn more here.

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Happy Harvest Gnomes

These happy harvest gnomes have been carrying around their amazing decorations. They’re using natural elements like acorns, leaves, and pumpkins as part of their décor. It is going to look fantastic when they’re done. Learn more here.

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Best Honeybee Gnomes

The honeybee gnomes have just made a special delivery to Bubba’s Bakery so that there can be some sweet honey treats to feed all the hardworking fairies and gnomes as they work to transform Fairy Land into an autumn paradise. Cakes, cookies, and sweet honey beverages are on the menu, and we cannot wait to enjoy them. Learn more here.

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Enchanted Autumn Gnomes

These gnomes have been dancing and singing as they spread cheer throughout Fairy Land with their rustic autumn décor. They love bringing happiness and beauty to everyone they encounter. Learn more here.

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Festive Fall Gnomes

These gnomes are ready to bring some magic to the party. They have sunflowers, pumpkins, and a Happy Fall sign and they’re ready to drop off their supplies and go back for more until Fairy Land looks its best for autumn. Learn more here.

We’ve had an amazing time preparing for autumn with Tommy Tinker and the gnomes. We hope you’ve had a great time with us. Please keep visiting us on social media too for more autumn fun.

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