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Tommy Tinker and His Friends Go to the Fair

It’s time to join Tommy Tinker and his friends at the fair. So, start thinking about some of your favorite fair activities. Maybe we’ll even get a chance to do them.

Replica of Indiana State Fair

Magical Indiana State Fair Fairy Garden

Discover an enchanted replica with activities like going to a petting zoo and on the Ferris wheel with this magical Indiana State Fair Fairy garden. Hello Gnome Décor has beautiful photos to go with their article. We’d love to hear what your favorite part of this fairy garden is. Let us know in the comments. Learn more here.

April Foxlee Fairy Garden

Lunch and Rides

Lunch and rides are always awesome when you attend the fair. I, Tommy Tinker am at the fair with my friends Bubba the Head Candy Taster and Ruby the Ribbon Fairy. We can’t wait to go on the Merry Go Round and have a hotdog with all the toppings. April Foxlee on Pinterest created the perfect fairy garden to depict this. Learn more here.

Ohio State Fair Miniatures

Magical Miniature Scenes

Small House Models shared an amazing blog post that featured several incredible miniatures from the Ohio State Fair including a scene that included a Ferris wheel and a judging ring where an animal show was taking place. We want to see everything at the fair. Discover this magical miniature scene and many others here.

Misty Freedle Fairy Garden

Complete Fair Experience

Enjoy a complete experience at the county fair with this fascinating fairy garden that Misty Freedle posted on Pinterest. You can see the barns where the animals are patiently waiting for their chance to be admired and shown. Other animals are outside enjoying the sunshine and visitors. There is a farm stand where you can also get refreshments and a chance to go on rides. More information is available here.

Cookie the Country Fair Fairy

Celebrate with Cookie the Country Fair Fairy

Cookie the Country Fair Fairy is one of Teelie Turner’s amazing fairies and she loves to celebrate all magical things that take place at the fair including friendship, treats, rides, and discoveries. Cookie also has her own collection of merchandise that includes clothing and accessories. Her sticker is pictured above. Learn more here.

You can enjoy a video that features Cookie the Country Fair Fairy below.


Amazing Rainbow Cupcakes with a Cherry on Top, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Rainbow Frostings, Rainbow Candies, Cherries, Fairy Food

Funny Bunnies, Fairy Pets, Fairy Garden Rabbits, Woodland Bunnies, Dollhouse Pets, Miniature Bunnies, White Funny Bunnies, DIY

Turtles Are Coming To The Beach, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Orange, Pink, Blue, Mermaid Garden, Green, Mermaid Beach, Turtle Beach

1:12, 4th of July Yummy Pies, Miniature Pie, Miniature Food, Fruit Pies, 4th of July Celebration, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Apple Pie, Berry

Double Decker Cheese Burgers, Miniature, Dollhouse, fairy Garden, Picnic, Fairy Food, Lollipops, Fourth of July, Picnic, Deluxe Burgers, Fun

Adorable Cuddly Unicorns, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, White Unicorns, Miniature, Rainbow, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Sitting, Standing, Cute

Thank you for spending the day with me, Tommy Tinker, and my friends. We had a wonderful time at the fair. Please come back to see us soon so we can go on another wonderful adventure.

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