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Tommy Tinker Adventures To An Outstanding Farm

This week Tommy Tinker is adventuring to an outstanding farm to celebrate National Farm Animal Day which happens each year on April 10th. Join us for an enchanted adventure.

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The Barnyard Dog

Tommy Tinker has headed off to visit Farmer Jonathan’s farm as he is a fairy farmer who can teach Tommy all about farming and animals. However, when Tommy arrived, he was greeted by some gardening fairies and their dogs. Tommy had to take a few minutes to enjoy the dogs’s company before heading off to meet Jonathan. Learn more about the fairies’ dogs here.

You can also enjoy a book trailer about Farmer Jonathan and the amazing book that Teelie Turner wrote about him.


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Adventures at the Pond

As Tommy searched for Farmer Jonathan, he came upon a pond on the farm where a swan was swimming. There were also some fish. One of the fairies even had her cat with her enjoying the sunshine. The cat however had no intention of going in the water. Learn more here.

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Adorable Cow and Calf

Tommy Tinker finally found Farmer Jonathan in the barn tending to a mother cow and her adorable calf. Tommy loved spending time with them. He found the atmosphere in the barn very peaceful. Meet the cow and calf here.

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Visit to the Duck Pond

Farmer Jonathan showed Tommy Tinker the duck pond that was a short walk from the barn. Tommy was delighted to watch a duck and her ducklings swim in the serene waters. Learn more here.

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One Helpful Pig

Sometimes barnyard pigs get a reputation for just eating and lazing around in the mud, but not on Farmer Jonathan’s farm. Many of his animals love to help out when they can. This little pig is helping to dig holes to plant vegetables in the garden. Learn more here.

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Meeting the Watering Fairy

When Tommy Tinker met the watering fairy outside of her beautiful cottage, she was getting some help from her dog, rabbit, and squirrel. Squirrels are generally considered wild animals but when you’re in Fairy Land, a kind word and a gentle smile can tame any creature. Learn more here.

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Gathering Eggs in the Chicken Coop

Tommy Tinker’s visit to the farm wouldn’t have been complete without an opportunity to gather eggs from the chicken coop and meet the hens and chicks. Learn more here.

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Watching the Sheep Shearing

The last thing that Tommy Tinker did before leaving the farm was to watch some sheep being sheared. Farmer Jonathan had a magical approach to doing it that included fairy dust instead of clippers which had Tommy Tinker mesmerized. Tommy also enjoyed petting the sheep and then watching a Wool Fairy turn the wool into clothing. Tommy Tinker got to leave the farm with a warm scarf and mittens. Learn more about the Fairy Land sheep here.

Thank you for joining us on Tommy Tinker’s adventure. We hope that you’ve enjoyed celebrating National Farm Animal Day with us. We’d love to hear from you. Comment below or reach out to us on social media to let us know about your favorite farm animals.

You can also enjoy this fun video about barnyard animals.


Discover Teelie Turner’s magical collection of books here.

Enjoy a magical book trailer.


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