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Tommy and His Friends Create Delicious Winter Treats

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Tommy and His Friends Create Delicious Winter Treats

Welcome back to the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and this week I’m going to take you on a culinary adventure. My friends and I enjoy time in the kitchen occasionally, especially Bubba who works at the candy factory and loves baking too. Since our Wee Folk friends are creating two amazing and magical volumes of their Winter Wonderland Cookbooks that will be available soon, we decided to try some amazing food. These recipes are not necessarily in the cookbook, but my friends and I had fun making them and sharing them together.

1. Delicious Valentine’s Treats
Red and White Macaroons, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Red and White Sprinkles, Cookies, White Cookies, Fairy Treats
2. Amazingly Yummy Cakes
Chocolate Or Pink Strawberry Cake , Fairy Cakes, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Food, Miniature Cakes, Yummy Cakes, Fairy Food, Cute
3. Magical Cupcakes
Cupcakes (I love you) for Barbie on Valentine's Day. Sweets for the doll. Food for a doll's house
4. Delicious Bowl of Soup
Miniature Bowl of Soup and Crackers for Dollhouse or Fairy Garden

Delicious Valentine’s Treats

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seemed fitting to create some tasty treats for this romantic holiday. We made some magical red and white cookies. Some of them even have sprinkles on them. Learn more on Etsy.

Amazingly Yummy Cakes

I’ve probably mentioned this fact in the past, but fairies love sweets. We decided that we wanted to make some yummy cakes. We made both chocolate and pink strawberry cakes. When we tasted them, they were divine. You can find them on Etsy.

Magical Cupcakes

Being in a fairy kitchen is a magical experience all on its own since the fairy bakers don’t have to do all the work themselves. Sometimes spice containers and sprinkles fly around and make their way onto a plate of cookies or pan of cupcakes. One of the special treats we made for Valentine’s Day was heart cupcakes. The piping bag gave us a magical performance for these. It was incredible. The ones in the picture were gone quickly but you can find other magical cupcakes for your friends here. 

Delicious Bowl of Soup

One of the sections in the cookbooks is about cold weather comfort foods. A delicious bowl of soup such as the miniature one pictured above fits into this category. This vegetable noodle soup is served with a side of crackers and is perfect on a cold day. Learn more on Etsy.

1. Hot Beverages
4 pieces Miniature Hot Coffee Cup with saucer, Miniature Beverage, Miniature Coffee, Dollhouse Sweet, Miniature Coffee Set, Miniature Sweet
2. Delightful Appetizers
Dollhouse Miniatures - Hors d'oeuvres, Canapes or appetizers on a Nice Serving Platter – Party
3. Fantastic Dessert Feasts
1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Cake Dolls House Kitchen Food Accessory Dessert Cookies And Cream Chocolate Chip Icing Cookie Vanilla Yellow
4. A Miniature Buffet
5 Mix Dollhouse miniature Food, Tiny Food, Dollhouse Food

Hot Beverages

Hot beverages topped with whipped cream or marshmallows are the perfect drink for the Wee Folk. In their magical cookbooks, they’ll be offering an assortment of dessert recipes. Find the miniature beverage set for your Wee Folk friends on Etsy.

Delightful Appetizers

A selection of delightful appetizers is also enticing to the fairies and Wee Folk. We love trying different foods and party platters offer an assortment of options. Let us know what your favorite appetizer is by contacting us on social media. You can find the platter of appetizers for the Wee Folks at your home on Etsy.

Fantastic Dessert Feasts

We have been known for having entire meals that were just dessert. Layered cakes are amazing for this type of meal because they offer a selection of flavors. Adding a scoop of ice cream to the top of the cake makes it even more wonderful. Find some miniature cakes on Etsy.

A Miniature Buffet

A buffet is always enticing as well since it offers the chance to try several different foods at once. It can also make for a wonderful topic of conversation. There are many tiny food options that the Wee Folks who visit your home or garden might enjoy in this Amazon food selection. The Wee Folk will use fairy dust to warm it up for themselves.

Thank you for coming to the Tommy Tinker Store. We’ll have another magical adventure planned for you next week. We’ll also keep you updated on when the Winter Wonderland Cookbook project will be ready for you to get your copy.

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