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Tommy and Bubba Celebrate National Cheesecake Day

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Tommy and Bubba Celebrate National Cheesecake Day

I am so excited about this week’s adventure. We’re going to be tasting cheesecakes in celebration of National Cheesecake Day on July 30th. My friend Bubba who is the head candy taster fairy at the local candy factory is joining me on this adventure. In addition to sampling candy, he’s also a talented baker. And, after we have our adventure, we hope that you’ll continue to explore the Tommy Tinker Store. You’ll be able to discover what King Henry, Queen Olivia and everyone in our magical Fairy Kingdom has been up to and what is coming up. If you’d like to learn more about the candy factory, you can read about it in a magical book by Teelie Turner that includes Bubba and myself.

1. Delightful Lemon Cheesecake
Miniature lemon cheesecake/cake Barbie food cheesecake Cake with citrus fruits 1:6 scale Barbie Miniature Food Dollhouse miniature food
2. Beautiful Berry Cheesecake
Tiny Cake, Redrose Berry Cheesecake, 1:12 Scale, FairyFood, Miniature Polymer Clay Cakes, Dollhouse, Fairy House, Fake Food
3. Enchanting Unicorn Cheesecake
Dollhouse Miniature Unicorn Cheesecake, Fake Food, Miniature Food, Dollhouse Food, Handmade, Miniature Bakery
4. Magical Afternoon Treats
Floral Tray with Lemon Cheesecake, Mauve - Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 scale

Delightful Lemon Cheesecake

The first cheesecake that we’ll be sampling today is a delightful lemon cheesecake. A replica of this delicious cake was created by Gemstone Fairytail for your fairy garden. Find it on Etsy.

Beautiful Berry Cheesecake

Now, we’re heading to another magical fairy bakery so that we can sample a beautiful berry cheesecake. Fairies love berries because of their sweet and juicy flavors as well as all the great treats that they can be baked into. You can find this delicious cake by Gypsy Love Notes on Etsy. The fairies in your garden will be delighted by it.

Enchanting Unicorn Cheesecake

We’re very excited about the next cake that we’ll be trying because each miniature cheesecake is created to look like a unicorn. This confection is a product of the Tiny Sugar Store’s innovation. It can be found on Etsy.

Magical Afternoon Treats

After trying a few cheesecakes, we started to get thirsty so decided to stop for some afternoon treats at a delightful little spot that offered lemon cheesecakes and a sweet lemonade. You can find this floral tray set on Etsy. The seller is I Love Minis Canada.

1. Fantastic Rainbow Cheesecake
Miniature Rainbow Cheesecake slices 1:6 Scale Dolls. Handmade by Nadia Michaux
2. Baking with Bubba
Cheesecake prep board UNIQUE- 12th scale dollhouse miniature
3. Feed Your Cheesecake Style
Blueberry Cheesecake Charm, Blueberry Pie Necklace, Pie Ring , Food Charms, Food Necklace, Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food
4. Cute Cake Shelf
Miniatures - cabinet shabby iron - scale 1:12 with cheesecake, cake, crostata, miniature kawaii doll house

Fantastic Rainbow Cheesecake

Our next cheesecake to sample is gorgeous and delicious. It is a fantastic rainbow cheesecake. It was handmade by Nadia Michaux and can be found at The Littlest Sweet Shop UK. It is available on Etsy.

Baking with Bubba

Next, Bubba’s going to have a chance to bake for us. We found a delightful cheesecake prep board. Bubba’s hardest decision to make for his special cheesecake is the flavor  that he’s going  to select. If you’d like to get  this prep board for your fairies, you can find it at the Tiny Delights Etsy Shop. You’ll be able to read all the details there as everything featured in the photo is not included. Some of it is just for décor  to give you ideas of how you can incorporate it into a space.

Feed Your Cheesecake Style

Do you love cheesecake so much that you’d like it to be able to feed your style as well as your stomach? We found some adorable cheesecake jewellery at Andisa Charms Shop on Etsy. The one that we chose to show you is blueberry flavored.

Cute Cake Shelf

The final item that we’d like to show you is a cute shabby iron cheesecake shelf. When you do a lot of baking, you need to have somewhere to set your cakes while they cool. Your fairies will love  this little shelf which is already stocked with baked goods. It is available in Dolcezze Creative Fimo’s Etsy store.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this delicious cheesecake adventure. We certainly have. We are also very excited in Fairy Land because our magical ‘Meet the Fairies Catalogue/Book of Introductions’ is launching this week. Once it is available, we’ll share the details so that you can sign up for a free PDF download. You can also find us on social media and Bloglovin’ We would also like to invite you to continue visiting Tommy Tinker’s Shop and Fairy Land.

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