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The Beautiful Fairy Photoshoot Adventure

Are you camera ready? This week there’s going to be an amazing photoshoot in Fairy Land. Join Tommy Tinker in selecting backgrounds for this incredible adventure.  There is something so magical about photography and the way that it captures a moment whether it is staged or filled with natural motions.

You can also enjoy a magical video to get ready for this beautiful adventure.


Kate Blue Pumpkin Car In Night Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Magical Prince and Princess Photos

While there are many incredible places where you can go and enjoy taking photos, sometimes it is difficult to fly off to the places of our dreams. That’s why it can be fun to dress up and enjoy the experience in a different way. Enjoying a photoshoot can be a wonderful way to make magic happen. With this enchanted blue pumpkin car in the night backdrop, you can put on a pretty dress or suit and become a princess or prince for a short while. Or, maybe you want to aim even higher and become King or Queen for the day. Since Tommy Tinker is personally acquainted with many fairy royals, he can give you some tips. Learn more here.

Kate Summer Sweet Ice Cream Car Cake Smash Balloon Sky Backdrop Designed by Chain Photography

Fabulous Celebration Photos

Enjoying ice cream is always a treat and if you decide to go with this backdrop, we hope that you’ll also take some time to treat yourself with a sundae or ice cream cone once the photos are done. This is the kind of backdrop that Carmelle the Ice Cream Fairy gets excited about because it reminds her of her shop. Perhaps you could become Carmelle’s helper for the day with this fun photo background. Learn more here.

Kate Summer Underwater Ocean Reef Backdrop Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography

Enchanted Under the Sea Adventure Photos

With this fabulous backdrop, you can enjoy an underwater adventure without even getting a drop of water on you. Transform into a fish or mermaid and think about the friends that you would meet there if you had the chance such as Princess Pearl, King Neptune, Mercinda and Mandy the Mermaids, or Purnella the Sea Fairy. Tommy Tinker knows that you’ll enjoy pretending to be splashing around in these fun photos. Learn more here.

Kate Fantasy Firefly Forest in Night Backdrop+Dream Ground Floor Backdrop

Fantasy Firefly Forest Adventure Photos

With this fantasy firefly forest backdrop, you can pretend to be anything you like, a fairy was what the girl in this photo chose, but an owl or animal would also be quite fitting here. With this stunning background, you can feel the magic of spending time in the forest at night without actually being there. Tommy Tinker knows that many will enjoy having their photos taken here. He suspects that the magical fairy photoshoot he is helping to organize will be loads of fun. Learn more here.

Kate Purple Deep Sea Shell Mermaid Backdrop for Photography

Stunning Seashell Mermaid Photos

If you love the color purple or mermaids this magical seashell mermaid photo backdrop is going to be perfect for you. It is filled with stunning elements like seashells, pearls, corrals, wooden boxes, lights, and other beautiful accents. Learn more here.

Kate Spring Fine Art Oil Painterly Floral Dark Teal Backdrop Designed by Mini MakeBelieve

Fantastically Floral Photos

Tommy Tinker is excited about this incredible floral background as there are so many possibilities when it comes to taking pictures. You might decide to dress up like a fairy-like in the photo above, but you can also do family photos, baby pictures, pictures with pets, and so many other beautiful photos where flowers are needed. Learn more here.

RTS Kate Unicorn Carousel Backdrop Dreams Designed by Mandy Ringe Photography (US ONLY)

Enchanted Carousel Photos

Even if a carousel isn’t readily available for you to ride on, or they make you dizzy, you don’t have to worry about those things in this incredible unicorn carousel scene. These photos would be extremely beautiful. There are so many options available when it comes to what to wear on your unicorn carousel adventure. Learn more here.  

Kate Castle Wonderland Backdrop for Photography Designed by JFCC

Fantastic Mushroom Toadstool Photo Adventure

Jump into an amazing adventure with this fantastic backdrop that includes water, mushroom toadstools, and flowers as part of the magical design. Whether you want to be a fairy, gnome, or other enchanted creature, this backdrop is a great choice. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker hopes you’ve been inspired by his beautiful adventure to take photos and create beautiful memories.

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