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Search for Fabulous Fairy Dragons With Tommy Tinker

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker, and often while I’m flying around Fairy Land, I have the chance to interact with some amazing dragon pets. I even have my own pet dragon who helps me out on some of my missions. I hope you’ll come for a ride with me so that we can explore Fairy Land […]

Spend time with Desta the Dragon Fairy

Hello friends and welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m going to introduce you to my friend Desta the Dragon Fairy. She’s amazing at training fairies. Fairy Land is fortunate to have such a talented fairy to help everyone who would like to have a dragon as a pet find […]

Start the Year Off With a New Magical Pet

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. We’re so pleased that you were able to join us. I’m Tommy Tinker and I think a great way for the fairies to start off their year 2022 is with a new magical pet. Fairy pets have amazing powers too and can be very helpful to their fairies […]