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Explore Amazing And Delightful Treats With Tommy Tinker

Tommy Tinker hopes you’re all having an amazing week. He’s put together a selection of delightful treats and hopes you can take a break from your busy schedule to try them with him. So, get your cup of hot cocoa, and let’s start our adventure. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy. […]

Delightfully Delicious Candies You’ll Love For Halloween

Join Tommy Tinker as he takes you on an amazing adventure to discover delightfully delicious candies you’ll love for Halloween. The bonus is that Tommy has chosen candies that both humans and fairies can enjoy. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.   REESE’S Miniatures Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Halloween Candy […]

Tommy Tinker Shares Exciting And Fantastic Easter Treats

Easter is almost here and in Fairy Land, that means lots and lots of treats. Tommy Tinker is looking forward to sharing some exciting and fantastic Easter treats with you. Let’s get our wings fluttering and spring into action so we can join him on this journey. Annie’s Organic Friends Bunny Graham Snacks, Chocolate Chip, […]

Magical Cakes for Mother’s Day

Hello magical friends, I’m Tommy Tinker and my friend Bubba who is the head candy taster at the local Fairy Land Candy Factory is also a talented baker. He’s created some delightful cakes that you can enjoy this Mother’s Day. We hope that you’ll enjoy this scrumptious selection. We also have this magical video that […]