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Join Tommy Tinker As He Judges An Exciting Pie Contest

Tommy Tinker is excited to try numerous kinds of pie today. He’s going to be judging a pie contest because May 13th will be National Apple Pie Day. So, Tommy will definitely have to enjoy some apple pie while he judges all the delicious flavors that he’s about to discover. 1:12, Your Choice Of Hamburgers […]

Tommy Tinker and Bubba Bake Together

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker and this afternoon I’m going to be spending some time with my friend Bubba. We’re going to be cooking up some delicious treats. We’ve also got some adorable fairy tea and treat scenes to share with you. We hope that you’ll also enjoy this video with some delicious summer treats.   […]

Magical Fairy Land Carriages

It’s a beautiful and sunny day here in Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m glad that the weather is cooperating since it will mean that King Henry and Queen Olivia who live in the fairy palace will be able to go out for a ride in enchanted places. They love to travel around in […]

Magical Cakes for Mother’s Day

Hello magical friends, I’m Tommy Tinker and my friend Bubba who is the head candy taster at the local Fairy Land Candy Factory is also a talented baker. He’s created some delightful cakes that you can enjoy this Mother’s Day. We hope that you’ll enjoy this scrumptious selection. We also have this magical video that […]