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Sweet Treats Fairies Can Gift Their Humans For Valentine’s Day

The fairies want to be able to gift their humans some sweet treats for Valentine’s Day. With Tommy Tinker’s help, they’ve come up with eight amazing options for you.

Other amazing treats can be found in this Tommy Tinker video too. These are for the fairies to enjoy.


Love & Romance™ Dipped Strawberries in Heart Box

Amazing Dipped Strawberries

This amazing Love & Romance collection of dipped strawberries that come in a heart-shaped box from Shari’s Berries looks absolutely amazing. We know they’ll also taste incredible and would be an amazing gift that fairies can give their humans. Learn more here.

Sending Hugs and Kisses™

Enchanted Fruit Bouquet

This delicious selection of fruit is in a stunning bouquet. Some of it is even dipped in chocolate. It is known as the Sending Hugs and Kisses basket and comes from Shari’s Berries. The fairies’ human friends will love to feast on this sweet selection. More information is available here.

Valentine’s Day Bakery Tray

Sweet Treats Assortment

Discover an amazing Valentine’s Day bakery tray from Harry & David. Your human friends are sure to enjoy the unique assortment of treats that is being offered. There are several variations of cookies and cakes on this enchanted tray. Learn more here.

Donut Bouquet

Delightful Donut Bouquet

This bouquet of donuts is an amazing gift option from Harry & David for a fairy to gift to their human friends. It includes ten miniature donuts in various flavors with gorgeous decorations on top in a bouquet presentation. It’s chic, fun, and sure to be delicious. Complete details are available here.

Break a Heart Gift

Incredible Heart Gift Treats

This Break a Heart Gift set from Harry & David is fabulous for Valentine’s Day. When you break into a delicious chocolate heart, candy treats will be found within. You even get a miniature wooden hammer to break into the hearts in this delightful gift set. Learn more here.

Blushing Branches 3 1/2 Gallon 3 Flavor Popcorn Tin

Amazing Popcorn Tin

This incredible tin of assorted popcorn from The Popcorn Factory is an amazing option for a fairy to gift their human friends. There are three different flavors in this tin: Butter, cheese, and caramel. We love the blushing branches design on the tin too. More information is available here.

Valentines Day Dried Fruit & Mixed Nuts Gift Basket Red Tower + Heart Ribbon (12 Assortments) Gourmet Food Bouquet Arrangement Platter, Birthday Care Package, Healthy Kosher Snack Box – Adults Her Him

Incredible Snack Selection

This Valentine’s Day dried fruit and mixed nuts red tower gift basket provides an enchanting selection of treats that the fairies can give their humans this Valentine’s Day. It comes from the Nut Cravings Store. Learn more here.

Chocolate, Caramel, and Crunch Gift Tower

Sweet Treats Tower

This amazing chocolate, caramel, and crunch gift tower from A Gift Inside Store offer an assortment of flavors that a fairy can gift to their human friends this Valentine’s Day. Dipped Oreo cookies, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and pretzels are a few of the incredible treats in this gift set. More details can be found here.

Thank you for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. We hope that you’ve enjoyed delivering these amazing, sweet treats that fairies plan to gift their friends this Valentine’s Day.

We also have this magical video that you may enjoy with other Valentine’s magic in it from Tommy Tinker’s Valentine’s Day celebrations last year.


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