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Start the Year Off With a New Magical Pet

Start the Year Off With a New Magical Pet

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. We’re so pleased that you were able to join us. I’m Tommy Tinker and I think a great way for the fairies to start off their year 2022 is with a new magical pet. Fairy pets have amazing powers too and can be very helpful to their fairies during special missions. We’ve chosen several incredible fairy pets to share with you.

1. Magical Bunnies, Squirrels and Ladybugs
PRETMANNS Miniature Fairy Garden Fairy – Garden Fairy Figurine Accessories for an Outdoor/Indoor Fairy Garden - Fairy Furniture Set with a Bunny, Squirrel and 4 Ladybugs – 14 Piece Garden Fairy Set
2. Adorable Puppy Dog
PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Sitting Fairy Sofia with Puppy Dog – Fairy Garden Supplies 1 Piece for Indoor or Outdoor Garden
3. Friendly Cat and the Gnomes
Cody The Miniature Cat and Gnomes - “A Relaxing Day” - A Fairy Garden Gnome Miniature by GlitZGlam
4. Fascinating Bird
Mood Lab Fairy Garden Miniature Kit - Fairy On Bird - Figurines & Accessories Set - for Outdoor or House Décor

Magical Bunnies, Squirrels, and Ladybugs

We found a magical set of fairy furniture that works for an outdoor or indoor fairy garden. A bunny and a squirrel also climbed in with the furniture and are excited to meet their new fairy owners. You can learn more by visiting Amazon.

Adorable Puppy Dog

This adorable puppy dog makes an incredible pet. Like dogs owned by humans, fairy dogs are loyal, love to play, and can be trained to do a number of helpful tasks. Fairy dogs have one main difference from other dogs because they have wings. Often you cannot see them but they’re there. Meet an adorable dog and its fairy master Sophia on Amazon.

Friendly Cat and the Gnomes

This friendly fairy cat is named Cody. He is spending the day with his gnome friends. They’re busy doing a number of activities like reading, napping, and meditating. Cody decided it would be a good time to get some rest too. Find Cody and his gnome friends on Amazon.

Fascinating Bird

This fascinating bird doesn’t mind that the fairy girl is going for a ride on its back. There are a number of birds in Fairy Land, and they are extremely helpful when it comes to providing transportation and delivering letters and packages. Find out more on Amazon.

1. Thoughtful Blue Dragon
Aclema Miniature Figurines Fairy Garden Dragon Present Bouquet Resin Decor Collections for Terrarium Micro Landscape
2. Fabulous Turtle and Hedgehog
Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Turtle and Hedgehog Outdoor Statue
3. Enchanted Unicorn
Genevive The Golden Unicorn for Your Enchanted Fairy Garden. 6.5 inches Tall Fairy Garden Accessory by GlitZGlam
4. Amazing Fairy Friends
Trasfit 3 Pieces Fairy Garden Accessories Cute Animals on Rock, Miniature Turtle, Frog, Caterpillar for Micro Landscape Decoration Plant Pots Bonsai Craft Desktop Décor

Thoughtful Blue Dragon

This thoughtful blue dragon has picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers for its fairy owner. Dragons are very popular in Fairy Land. Despite popular belief when a dragon is treated well and the right magical spell is whispered in their ear, they can be very docile and are as ideal a pet as a dog. Meet this dragon on Amazon.

Fabulous Turtle and Hedgehog

This turtle and hedgehog have a fabulous friendship. They love living in Fairy Land and are wondering whose garden they’ll find to make their permanent home. Discover them on Amazon.

Enchanted Unicorn

This enchanted unicorn is wearing a beautiful floral necklace. Her name is Genevive, and the necklace was a gift from her fairy owner. You can learn more about Genevive on Amazon. Unicorns are excellent pets because they love to go on magical adventures. They can be ridden like a horse and can also fly.

Amazing Fairy Friends

The final fairy pets that we’d like to introduce you to always travel together. There is a turtle, frog, and caterpillar. They love to sit on rocks and sun themselves. You can find them on Amazon and invite them into your fairy garden.

We also have a magical video to show you about some enchanted frog friends.


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