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Springtime in Fairy Land with Tommy Tinker

Hello friends, it is another beautiful spring day in Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m ready for us to go on another journey together. I have found several magical springtime activities that we can enjoy together.

Spring Fairy Garden Ideas

Diys.com has several magical ideas for Fairy Gardens that you can create this spring. There are so many whimsical ideas for what you can put in your fairy garden as accessories and fairy friends, and also where you can make your fairy gardens, such as in a teacup, jar, or basket. Pictured above is the basket garden courtesy of Echoes of Laughter. The most important thing when you are considering your fairy gardening adventure is that you have fun and allow your creativity to take hold so that you enjoy the experience.

The Tommy Tinker Store Bird Feeder

Something that I love doing every spring is installing birdfeeders throughout Fairy Land. It is an opportunity to choose whimsical and adorable birdfeeders and also to give a gift to the birds who sing us so many wonderful songs during the year. I decided to reshare a blog post with you that features some of my favorite birdfeeders. I’d love it if you would reach out to me on social media or comment below to let me know about your favorite feeder. Read more here. 

The Tommy Tinker Store Unicorn Garden

One activity that I love to enjoy in the springtime is visiting Fairy Gardens and meeting enchanted friends. This magical blog post comes from the day that I got to adventure into unicorn fairy gardens. There were so many amazing things to see, and I met several magical unicorns. I even went for a ride on their backs. Read more here. 

Rebecca Benfield Story Book

This magical image comes from the magical website Rebecca Benfield Story Book. It is a chance to read about amazing fairy magic and wonder what it would be like to get lost in Fairy Land. If you could go on an adventure in Fairy Land with me, where would you want to go? There are so many amazing possibilities. Here is a video about one of my recent Fairy Land adventures. I had the chance to visit the zoo. It was an enchanted day.



The Fairy Garden.Co. Uk Picnic Scene

The Fairy Garden in the United Kingdom had a wonderful Fairy Garden scene that featured a magical picnic set up which included a picnic basket, blanket, fairy friends, and a hamper that would have been full of delicious delights. One of my springtime activities is going to be to invite my friends to have a magical adventure with me in the Fairy Land park. We can ask my friend Bubba the Head Candy Taster at the candy factory to pack a picnic for us since he is also an incredible baker.

Thank you for spending some time with me, Tommy Tinker. I am so pleased that we got to enjoy some of the pleasures of springtime together. Please come back and visit me again soon for more wonderful journeys through Fairy Land.

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