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Spend time with Desta the Dragon Fairy

Spend time with Desta the Dragon Fairy

Hello friends and welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m going to introduce you to my friend Desta the Dragon Fairy. She’s amazing at training fairies. Fairy Land is fortunate to have such a talented fairy to help everyone who would like to have a dragon as a pet find the perfect one for them. Dragons are extremely magical and are a great addition to a fairy’s missions because dragons can help their fairy. Many fairies and dragons also have special communication methods.  Desta is extremely humble about the work that she does and asked that we introduce you to many of her dragon friends too.

You can also meet some of my other friends by watching this video.


Desta and dragons
1. Magical Desta Artwork
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Acrylic Block
2. Do a Puzzle with Desta
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Jigsaw Puzzle
3. Enchanted Reading Dragon
Miniature Fairy Small Dragon Animal Figurines Reading Book Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines
4. Adorable Mother and Baby Dragon
Miniature Fairy Small Pink Dragon Figurines Mother Carry Baby Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Magical Desta Artwork

You can catch a glimpse of Desta on this magical piece of artwork. This acrylic block has a special picture of Desta with one of the dragons that she is training on it. You can learn more by visiting Redbubble.

Do a Puzzle with Desta

Another of the magical products in Desta’s collection is her jigsaw puzzles. These are great for family activities. Several different size puzzles are available. Learn more about these beautiful puzzles on Redbubble.

Enchanted Reading Dragon

This enchanted dragon loves to read. That is why Desta trained him to be able to work with some magical fairies like Felicia the Fairy Book Club Fairy, Airapippen the Author Fairy, and Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy. Meet this adorable dragon on Etsy.

Adorable Mother and Baby Dragon

This pink mother dragon has her baby blue dragon in its carrier. It is a precious sight to see. You can meet them by visiting Etsy.

Desta the Dragon Fairy dragons
1. Cute Fire Breathing Dragon
Miniature Fairy Small Fire-breathing Dragon Animal Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines
2. The Gift of Flowers Dragon
Miniature Fairy Small Grey Dragon Figurines Holding Flower Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines
3. Music Appreciation Dragon
Miniature Dragon listening to music Animal statue Micro landscape decorations Mini garden supplies DIY potted landscape Gift for friends
4. Magical Red Dragon
Adorable red dragon with butterfly on his snout, enchanted dragon, enchanted garden supply, fairy garden supplies, miniature dragon

Cute Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragons in Fairy Land are well behaved and don’t just go around breathing fire. However, there are times and places where dragons can use their skills like when it comes to lighting campfires. Chrissy the Camping Fairy is very happy with her helpful dragon. Meet a fire-breathing dragon on Etsy.

The Gift of Flowers Dragon

This dragon likes to give its fairy gifts and often picks her flowers. You can see it holding one of its magnificent bouquets on Etsy.

Music Appreciation Dragon

This dragon is very appreciative of the arts. The dragon likes listening to music. It is wearing headphones, so it doesn’t distract its fairy or other animals. Meet it on Etsy.

Magical Red Dragon

This magical red dragon is spending time with a butterfly. It likes being outdoors and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Find it on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. I’ll be back to see you next week for another magical adventure. In the meantime, please keep visiting my website and social media pages for more fun. You can relive some of our previous adventures in my videos like this one.


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