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Set Up A Tommy Tinker Party With These Supplies!

There’s no party like a fairy party, and no kingdom knows that better than the Fairy Kingdom where Tommy Tinker’s village is. King Henry and Queen Olivia are extremely loving, generous rulers for all. They hold fairy balls in celebration and to make sure that everyone in the kingdom is happy and living well. Now, most people may not be able to throw as spectacular a ball as the king and queen, but a party is more than enough for the most wonderful memories, celebratory moments, and bringing a little magic into everyday life!

Whip up an absolutely magical Tommy Tinker party with these must-have party supplies:

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1. Bubba’s Party Plates

No one knows better about delicious delights than Bubba. His party plates are bright blue and beckoning to partygoers to scoop up a nice big slice of cake to eat. The party plates are brilliant, durable, and most of all, easy to dispose of at the end of the party so cleanup is easy. Get some at the Tommy Tinker store.

2. The Magical Fairy Kingdom Party Hat

Now, we can’t all be crowned kings and queens, but being the main celebrant of a party sure could make us feel like one! So can everyone else, they’ll feel crowned like royalty with beautiful party hats that feature the grand Fairy Kingdom, with the good King Henry and Queen Olivia standing before it. Get them at the Tommy Tinker store.

3. Ruby’s Fairy Satin Ribbon

Parties mean presents, décor, and of course, ribbons! Ruby the Ribbon Fairy will definitely know all about it. That’s why her beautiful satin ribbon would be just the perfect fairy accent to presents, balloon ribbons, seat ribbons, and more. You can get a whole roll of her satin ribbon at the Tommy Tinker store.

4. Tommy Tinker’s Fairy Napkin

Parties can get pretty messy! And as usual, Tommy Tinker will be there to solve the problem. These nice black Tommy Tinker fairy napkins will be great for keeping things on the table clean, mopping up spills, and most of all, the dark color won’t make them look messy even after some wipe ups. Get some at the Tommy Tinker store.

5. Ruby’s Fairy Cake Pops

When it’s a party, the most important food in it has just got to be cake. There just can never be enough cake! Make sure there’s enough for everyone, and roll out Ruby’s Fairy Cake pops. Deliciously covered in chocolate and carefully sealed with Ruby’s magic, it’ll be an unforgettably sweet treat! Get some at the Tommy Tinker store.

TommyT March 19 2019 6-106. Bubba the Head Candy Taster’s Candy Tin

Sweets are a joy in any party. Make sure you have plenty to share and crack open a magical tin of candies from Bubba the Jolly Head Candy Taster himself. If Bubba’s approved them, then you’ll be sure that it tastes great. It’ll make for great party favors too! Get them at the Tommy Tinker store.

7. The Magical Fairy Kingdom Brownie

Fairies are known for loving sweets, so when they send in something as decadent as these lovely brownies, everyone in the party knows that they’re in for a treat. They come decorated with the seal of approval from the King and Queen themselves! They’re a wonderful dessert for the party. Get some at the Tommy Tinker store.

8. Tommy Tinker Playing Cards

Parties need games, and this Tommy Tinker pack of playing cards is just the ticket. You can teach everyone how to play Go Fish or Crazy Eights. And even better, you might want to hand a pack of these to the party magician and make some pretty incredible magic tricks with them! Get them at the Tommy Tinker store.

9. Tommy Tinker Fairy Sticker

No matter how young or how old someone is, they’re bound to just love stickers. So these Tommy Tinker stickers are the most perfect party prizes or party favors to give out during the big day! Everyone will have lots of fun with these colorful stickers, and bring Tommy’s magic with them everywhere. Get them at the Tommy Tinker store.

10. Tommy Tinker In the Village Notebook

Another excellent party favor are these spiral Tommy Tinker notebooks. They’ll be handing for school or for keeping in the bag to jot down notes—it’s a lot easier to remember things when you write them down!—or even writing down every new magical adventure during your days. Get one at the Tommy Tinker Store.

With all of these supplies, delicious treats and more, having a truly enchanting Tommy Tinker party will be as easy as waving a magic wand and bringing on the fairy magic.

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