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Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker, and often while I’m flying around Fairy Land, I have the chance to interact with some amazing dragon pets. I even have my own pet dragon who helps me out on some of my missions. I hope you’ll come for a ride with me so that we can explore Fairy Land and be on the lookout for some of these intriguing fairy pets and helpers too.

You can also meet some dragon friends in this adorable video.


Tammy Corlette Pinterest Post

Magical Dragon Fairy Garden

Our first magical dragon fairy garden was posted by Tammy Corlette on Pinterest. We love how the container was tipped on its side to create the appearance of a cave. The dinosaur eggs and clump of grass outside the cave are also great features that go along with this fantastic dragon-themed fairy garden.

Miniature Small Dragon Animal Figurine , Miniature Gardening, Terrarium Supply, Miniature Garden Décor

Prickly Dragon and Cactus Garden

MahsaStudio on Etsy has an adorable dragon in a fairy garden that includes a dragon with a pair of goggles because he doesn’t like the wind in his eyes. He’s in a cactus garden but don’t worry his magic keeps him from getting poked with the thorns.

Swish and Stitch Simple Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardening Tips

Swish and Stitch put together an amazing how-to article for creating simple and enchanted fairy gardens. We hope that you’ll enjoy reading it and looking at the beautiful images. Featured above is one of their amazing fairy garden photos which includes a dragon outside of its amazing fortress of a home. The flowers are also beautiful.

Miniature Girl Dragons Playing on Mushroom Figurine

Whimsical Fairy Garden Scene

TinkerTreasuresMinis on Etsy have an amazing fairy garden that features two dragons playing on an around a mushroom toadstool. Dragons like children and children at heart love to have fun and play. I especially love watching the baby dragons in Fairy Land. There is so much for them to do and learn as they gain skills for being amazing fairy pets and helpers.

Desta the Dragon Fairy

Magical Dragon Fairies

We would also like you to take some time to meet Desta the Dragon Fairy. She and her pet dragon work together so that all fairies who would like to have a pet dragon can be matched accordingly. You’ll also find some of Desta’s dragon friends and items from her amazing collection of merchandise including clothing, stationery, and other accessories. More information is available here.

Thank you for spending time with me, Tommy Tinker. I hope that you had a fabulous time meeting these dragons with me.  Here are some other adorable dragons that would like a chance to be part of your amazing fairy gardens. Dragons make incredible fairy pets. Please visit me again soon for more enchanted adventures too.

Reading Dragon, Fairy Garden Dragon, Mini Dragon, Miniature Dragon

Miniature Fairy Small Dragon Painting Animal Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Mini Red Dragon Playing With Butterfly, Fairy Garden, Fairy Dragon, Garden Dragon

Miniature Fairy Small Pink Dragon Figurines Mother Carry Baby Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Miniature Fairy Small Grey Dragon Figurines Holding Flower Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Fairy Garden l Adorable Dragon with Butterfly on Nose laying down | MG304 Dragon Friends


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