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Tommy Tinker and The Lost Candy Factory – Ebook



Tommy Tinker was staring blankly at his workspace. His “for repair” pile somehow managed to double in number again, overnight.

It’s not easy being one of the last few tinker fairies around, especially when you’re in Fairy Land. He has politely declined repair orders since last week but broken gadgets and other things that need fixing pop up in his house almost every day.

“Must be the work of fairies in desperate need,” he muttered to himself. “Or the elves,” he continued. He wasn’t sure if he should feel cheated or grateful. Although other folks used fairy dust to get their “for repair” in, most still respect him and the trade he’s in.

His father and grandfather have always prided themselves on their skill. It’s been that way ever since, hence the Tinker family name. Tommy has always wondered if he can live up to being a Tinker.

Busy times like this give him comfort. At least the fairies and other magical creatures come to him for fixing, that’s a good enough assurance. But in his heart, Tommy knows he can do so much more and not just in Fairy Land – but beyond.

Find out more in Tommy Tinker And The Lost Candy Factory

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