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Teelie Turner Launches New Fairy Book; Aims to Get Kids Outdoors

Teelie Turner launches a new book titled “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory.”

The story centers on Tommy, a tinker fairy who’s been given one of the most important assignments in the fairy kingdom. He goes on an adventure, fighting personal battles and a crisis which could ultimately shut Fairy Land off from the human world forever. 


Asked about the plot, the author explains, “I wanted to come up with a fairy tale that somehow captures the real world and one that people can relate to, albeit its fictional characters and setting. Not many people believe in fairies anymore and as someone who’s always been enchanted with the magical world, it makes me really sad. I wanted to share something that will spark interest in fairies again. And that is Tommy, the tinker fairy, ready to show that fairies only want to spread joy and goodness in our world.” 


An all-new website is launching alongside the book. The site offers various Tommy Tinker fan merchandise such as apparel and accessories, home goods, a selection of sweets and even party items. Other characters in the story also have dedicated product lines available on the website.


A selection of fairy garden décor and accessories are also available on the website. The author hopes to attract a new generation of fairy lovers and fairy gardening enthusiasts from all over the globe, specifically targeting kids.


 “We’re in a very modern era and most kids often stay indoors, tinkering with high-tech gadgets and gizmos. I just really wanted to show kids that playing in their yards, fixing things and going on a safe adventure are still very fun activities. If not, I do hope I wake up their imagination,” Teelie Turner shares.

Teelie Turner has over 20 fairy books available online. She is the founder and CEO of TeelieTurner.com and four other brands, including Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Apart from being a businesswoman, she is also a writer, photographer and painter. She spends her spare time tending to her fairy gardens and crafting miniature accessories and décor she can share with the fairy community.

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