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Plant Beautiful Flowers With Tommy Tinker

Spring has arrived, and Tommy Tinker is so glad to celebrate this beautiful season with you. This week Tommy is going to be planting beautiful flowers throughout Fairy Land including outside of the candy factory, King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace and Ruby the Ribbon Fairy’s house. We’ll be sharing some of Tommy Tinker’s choices with you.

Grow Your Own Bonsai kit | Tree Plants & Seeds | Crafts Hobby Kits | Easily Grow 4 Types of Bonsai Trees with Our Complete Beginner Friendly Kit

Magical Bonsai Tree

This magical bonsai kit is so adorable. And to help you grow this magnificent tree, Tommy Tinker has found a beginner friendly kit that can help you grow your own bonsai tree. It will allow you to grow four different types. More details are available on Amazon.

Edible Flowers Indoor Garden Seed Starter Kit – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds for Planting, Soil, Burlap Pots, Plant Markers, Trimmers, Wood Gift Box, DIY Growing Kits, Home Gardening Gifts for Plant Lovers

Incredible Edible Flowers

Flowers are beautiful. They smell wonderful and add so much ambience to an event. Some of them can also be edible. Tommy Tinker started some of his plants in a magical Fairy Land greenhouse. You can find an incredible indoor starter kit for edible flowers on Amazon.

American Meadows Wildflower Seed Packets “Thanks a Bunch” Party Favors for Kids (Pack of 20) – Express Gratitude with a Wildflower Seed Mix, Great Addition or Alternative to Thank You Cards

Thanks a Bunch Wildflowers

The fairies love being able to spread beautiful message like giving thanks. Tommy Tinker was very impressed when he received a thank you card from a human child that include a package of wildflowers which had been given as a party favor. The wild flowers will be among the many plants that Tommy is planting. Learn more on Amazon.

Monet’s Garden Spring Flowering Tulip Mixture – A Glorious Collection of Great Color That are an Exquisite aethetic in Your Garden – 20 Bulbs Measuring 11 to 12 cm per Order

Enchanted Tulip Bulbs

We love tulips. They are one of Queen Olivia’s favorite flowers. Tommy Tinker is going to be planting some Monet’s Garden Spring Flowering Tulip Mix in one of her gardens. The tulips will be planted along a path where the queen takes a walk every morning. Find a package of these vibrant tulips on Amazon.

Gladiolus Flower Bulbs – Rainbow Mix – Bag of 100, Mid Summer/Mixed Colored Flowers

Gorgeous Gladiolus Bulbs

Fairies love rainbows. Tommy Tinker is going to be using his talents in the garden to create some rainbow garden beds. He has one hundred gladiolus flower bulbs in an assortment of rainbow colors. You can find them on Amazon if you’d like to include them in your garden.

Burpee Raspberry Lemonade Mix Zinnia Seeds 25 seeds

Magnificent Zinnia Seeds

These zinnia seeds sound magnificent. The color is described as raspberry lemonade. You can find packages with twenty-five seeds in them on Amazon.

Thank you for spending time with Tommy Tinker. Be on the lookout for Tommy and the other magical Fairy Land fairies. They love visiting gardens. Some of them might even choose to take up residence with you.

You can enjoy another adventure with Tommy Tinker in this magical video.



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