Mother’s Day Tea at the Palace

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Mother’s Day Tea at the Palace

Hello Fairy Friends. My name is Tommy Tinker and I’m excited to take you on another adventure today. Flap your arms a bit and my magic fairy dust will help you fly into Fairy Land. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, King Henry and Queen Olivia are hosting a special Mother’s Day tea at the palace. Today, we’re going to take a behind the scenes look at some of the special features that Queen Olivia has arranged for the tea. Later, I’d like to invite you to stay in Tommy Tinker’s Store to explore all the other fun things that we have been doing lately.

1. Delicious Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake with Sprinkles Charm - Necklace/Charm/Keychain - Food Pendant Accessory
2. Victoria Sponge Cake
White Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake Miniature - Dolls House Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale
3. Summer Biscuits
Miniature Summer Biscuit Set - Choose Your Set - Dolls House Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale
4. Mother’s Day Gingerbread House
Miniature Rainbow Pastel Tiled Gingerbread House - Dolls House Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale

Delicious Chocolate Cake

The fairy bakers are creating a delicious chocolate cake that is covered in colorful and magical sprinkles. I am sure that it tastes amazing. If you’d like to have your own special souvenir from this adventure, an artist turned our chocolate cake into a food pendant accessory which can be found on Etsy.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Another delicious treat for the Mother’s Day tea will be a white chocolate Victoria sponge cake. Doesn’t its name sound incredible? It has incredible layers to it and beautiful decorations on top. A dollhouse sized replica of this fantastic cake is available on Etsy.

Summer Biscuits

An assortment of summer biscuits or cookies will also be served. The palace kitchen staff is creating all sorts of inspiring shapes including summer fruit, special drinks and ice cream treats. These cookies also come replicated for your dollhouse. You have the choice of several different shapes. They can be found on Etsy.

Mother’s Day Gingerbread House

Special Mother’s Day gingerbread houses with a rainbow theme are being created by one of my best friends. His name is Bubba and he is the head candy taster at the Fairy Land candy factory, but he also loves to bake. Replicas of Bubba’s creations are available on Etsy.

1. Woodland Tea Service
Fairy service set Fairy garden picnic Dollhouse miniatures
2. Mother’s Day Flowers
Spring Miniature And Small Flower Pots With Miniature And Small Artificial Flowers
3. Special Gifts
Hand-Painted Cameo Necklace - Fairy Necklace - Fairy Jewelry - Cameo Pendant - Fairy Jewellery - Faeries - Fairy Pendant - Hand Painted
4. Colorful Centerpieces
Mini Spring Fairy Gardens in Watering Cans/Adorable Girl Birthday Party Favor, Girl Birthday Gift, New Mom Gift/Mothers Day Gift, Grandma

Woodland Tea Service

Tea will be served at this special Mother’s Day celebration and Queen Olivia selected a special woodland themed tea service that has a floral on it. It is relaxing and perfect for serving mothers. This tea service can be found on Etsy.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day flowers are a special part of this holiday and Queen Olivia has asked a local fairy florist to choose some beautiful spring flowers from her gardens and the florist shop to fill the room with aromatherapy and beauty. Miniature replicas of these flowers are available on Etsy.

Special Gifts

Queen Olivia is also going to be doing some special door prize drawings and handing out gifts during the party. One of the gifts that she located is a hand painted cameo pendant with a fairy on it. You can find it and other fun fairy gifts on Etsy.

Colorful Centerpieces

The centerpieces on the table will be flowers in bright and colorful miniature watering cans. They are cheerful and welcoming and will be appreciated by  all the fairy mothers in attendance. You can find one of these for your fairy’s table on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I hope that you come back to Tommy Tinker’s Store soon. In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with the quote above from Queen Olivia and King Henry.

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